Ways To Avoid looking Like a Cycling Rookie – Top 10 Tips

In the U.S, the number of cyclists has become large as the sport has gained more popularity throughout the world. This has particularly brought about greater developments. As more people actively engage in the sport, you will find most beginners cycling their way through the crowd in a way that most experienced professionals find irritating and unprofessional.


It’s very easy to identify a beginner even several miles away. Why is this? Beginners have got some obvious characteristics, which is why it’s easy to point them out from the crowd. Besides, Hairy legs, baggy jerseys and shorts, greasy chain marks on then inner calf muscles and a haggard look. Because of their clear identification, these rookies get harassed and embarrassed a lot from other cyclists. If you are new to the sport and want to create an experienced cyclist’s impression then there are some certain things that you must know. Here are some of the top tips on Ways To Avoid looking Like a Cycling Rookie

  1. Buy a Classy Helmet

A helmet is essential because it keeps the head safe but what does an expensive and classy helmet say about you? If you need to gain that respect and appear experienced, invest in a good helmet and flaunt it. Nobody will say a word.

  1. Invest In Old Team Kits

Most rookies feel that buying a new kit of from his favorite team makes him look experienced and professional. That’s not so. In fact, it makes them lack that stylish look. The best option is to get a kit whose team dissolved many years back. It signals maturity and gives out a professional look.

  1. Dress In Well Fitting Clothes

As a beginner, you might feel a little bit uncomfortable with the tight fitting outfits. You need to find those clothes that will fit perfectly in your body.  However, don’t buy loose-fitting jerseys or wear large-sized T-Shirts. As you know cycling, allows plenty of air to pass through your body. Now you can just imagine wearing that loose fitting jersey.  You will feel more uncomfortable riding with your back being pulled like a parachute.

  1. Avoid Greasy Chain Marks

A good number of beginners don’t know this yet, but one way to identify a rookie is the grease mark on his inner calf muscles. One of the main causes of greasy ankles is the inability to push the pedals towards the inside as well as failure to clean the cog sets and the chains properly. Ensure that you clean them properly to avoid the embarrassment.

  1. Practice Frequently With Your Clipless Pedals

Do a lot of practice on you Clipless Pedals before going out for a ride. Most beginners don’t bother with this and thus end up falling and embarrassing themselves in front of a whole crowd. Practice makes perfect.

  1. Get Rid Of The Reflector as Well as The Pull Ring

You just bought a new bike and didn’t bother removing the all the reflectors, as well as the plastic ring. It looks totally unprofessional and might you get a few tongue lashes from others.

  1. Don’t Ride With Your Hydration System

Some rookies are often seen carrying hydration systems even when doing few rounds near his neighborhood. It’s is highly unprofessional,  not unless you’re a riding on a mountain bike. Please make a point of leaving it at hope if you don’t want to get embarrassed.

  1. Familiarizing Yourself With The Cycling Etiquette

Don’t get into a conversation with another cyclist if you are not familiar with their etiquette.For examples, point out the potholes to those behind you or don’t make sudden stops or change the direction without indicating.

  1. Shave Your Legs

Don’t go out there with some unsightly hairs on your legs. It characterizes someone as unprofessional and unhygienic. People hate interacting with such cyclists no matter how professional they look.

  1. Picking the Most Suitable Accessories

Avoid all those Items that you don’t need. For example, a rear mirror, excess water bottles, and other unnecessary clutter that might interfere with your speed and comfortability. Get yourself a cyclo computer so as to monitor your heart rate and distance.


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