what are heart attack symptoms

what are heart attack symptoms actually a Heart attack can be described as diseases of the heart and its vessels. One encounters this disease when the flow of blood from the heart to the rest of the body through different arteries or veins is blocked. That area of the heart, where blood flow cannot reach properly starts to die and if it is completely blocked one has a heart attack. Individual vary on heart attack symptoms and its type. Heart failure, Arrhythmia and heart valves are one of the main heart diseases. Heart attack symptoms are appended below:

Chest pain

One feels pressure on the heart and a feeling of ache as if someone is squeezing the heart. This condition can last only for few minutes. Further one can have recurrent feeling or pain in the chest.

Body pain

When one is going to have a heart attack he or she may feel pain in the upper part of their body. For instance, pain in the jaw or teeth, or the pain can move up to the neck and shoulders along with affecting the back of that person. This type of heart attack symptoms one has no pain in the chest but only in the areas mentioned above.

Stomach pain

Heart attack symptoms also include pain in the upper body and slowly it increases its areas thus stomach ache included upper body pain is depicted.


Inhaling and exhaling become difficult for the person especially when one is already facing a slight discomfort in the chest.


One might end up feeling like there is something way too wrong and believes that he or she might end up with panic attack with any reason.


One sometimes feels like that they are going to pass out as they are having a dizzy feeling.


One skin turns cold and he or she sweats all over.

Vomiting plus Nausea

Sometimes feeling of nausea and vomiting is there and one feels like vomiting out.

Heart attack symptoms mostly start with very subtle symptoms. One doesn’t even think of concluding them as initial symptoms for a heart attack. Now be careful while ruling such symptoms out.

As these heart attack symptoms vary from person to person on the basis of pain location in the body similarly the ratio of them in male, female and elderly people also vary.  The interesting part is that women don’t depict all the symptoms mentioned above. Chest pain being single one factor that is not common as in women might not feel chest pain at all before meeting a heart attack. Rests mentioned above heart attack symptoms are found in them along with lethargic and fatigue feeling for few days. People with diabetes tend to have mild symptoms of heart attack. They sometimes like female don’t feel chest pain at all and tend to black out without showing any sign of dizziness or other pain symptoms as they are so mild that they themselves discard them as heart attack symptoms.

People should be well aware of the Heart attack symptoms as it is one of the most common diseases found in the underdeveloped countries and its medical treatment is quite costly.


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