What are the depression symptoms?

What are the depression symptoms actually  depression is a state when one feels like doing nothing and there is emptiness within oneself. Before a person enters in a depressive mood he or she depicts certain symptoms known as depression symptoms.

Our mood is changed with everyday events or actions of others. Sometimes these actions make us feel happy or one is sad. In order to get rid of the sadness, people use different kinds of defense mechanisms. Some divert their attention, some would start eating more, or some might end up sleeping to while away time. But these are remedies that are used when one is tensed or sad.

There is a condition known as depression which is far worse than sadness. Normally people use this word in their daily routine to express their sadness whereas, depression is a condition in which individual would need medical aid depending on its severity. Depression symptoms if seen early would lead to early diagnosis and cure.

Depression severity is defined is three phase. It could be mild as in depression where one can get well by only getting counseling sessions. The second is moderate where going to a psychiatrist is a good option. Last is severe requires both medicine and counseling.  It hinders social and the occupational life of the person.

In order to diagnosis depression, one should be familiar with its depression symptoms as depression varies from individual to individual. Further, it also differs in its symptoms in accordance with age. Apart from this fact there are certain things that are common in this disorder and found in most of the people suffering from it.

Depression symptoms that are generally found in individuals are the emotions of hopelessness and feeling that one cannot get help as in no one is capable of helping the person any more as his or her current conditions have wrecked to that level. Showing interest in daily activities is also missing in the person suffering from it. Eating pattern is changed as in either he or she is not eating at all or they are doubled the quantity of food they consume thus changing the weight of the body with 30 days.

Sleep pattern is also disturbed either the person is not able to sleep at all or they will end up sleep more than required. Moreover, the depiction of anger is seen quite often in depressive individuals. The will or energy to initiate a work is not there. They feel lethargic and weak. Individual also come across feelings of being worthless to the world and hate them self for being like this.

Due to it they behave recklessly and with moderate depression the chances of suicidal attempts increase a lot. With severe depression suicidal, ideation is less as the individual lack of motivation to something is so less that they feel killing themselves also takes energy and they don’t have that much energy in them. Focusing of projects or things in daily life becomes quite difficult for them. They have many body aches with no medical reasons.

Depression symptoms mentioned above can help one get the diagnosis early and get treatment for the depression disorder in time.

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