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What is fashion actually Fashion is a kind of practice that brings revolutionary and evolutionary changes in a human personality. For some people fashion could be a trend of the season and for some it’s what they believe to be the traditional practice. Miuccia Prada once stated that “Dressing of an individual represents personality, especially when communication is on a speedy track. Fashion seems to be the language for people today”.

As the year starts, it brings with itself a variety of colors and styles. For people; it’s catering their emotion with colors and boosting their morale with style. Fashion not only makes a depiction of the outlook but also defines the taste and personality of the presenter. It’s very common that when we meet someone, we take a glimpse of his or her attire to make an opinion of the personality.

Nowadays the funniest thing is that it’s the attire that forces shopkeepers to behave in certain manner. Actually, the shopkeepers predict from the get up and fashion trend that whether the person is capable of buying the stuff or not. And, this the main reason of double-digit inflation. Someone has rightly said that “Fashion is also a main cause of stagflation”.

Moreover, What is fashion varies from place to place and person to person. People of west are wearing shorts while people of Pakistan wear shalwarkameez. Besides, European wear jeans and shirt and consider it a common fashion. For the masses as I said it can be the trend of the years or season but for some designers it’s the imagination of the year or the theme for the year. Vivienne Westwood once quoted to media that “She doesn’t believe herself to be a fashion designer, she is using fashion to express her rebellious nature and since she being stupid country girl, the term fashion helped her understand her new urban world.”

It is the reason that designers make those kinds of clothes that are liked by the people of certain areas. However, they keep in mind the interest of masses and bring about new and creative stuff in the fashion industry.

Another interesting thing about fashion is that it’s reviving nature. The fashion that was being adhered few decades back would be revived and it can be seen in the ongoing fashion trends. Today, people are using the same big jewelry that was being used by the people of ancient civilization.

Fashion does not only encompass clothes but also covers the accessories such as bags, shoes, jewelry makeup style etc. For bags, they could be of long straps and slim or large bags with small straps depend on the trend of the year. With shoes it could be pencil heels, or wedges etc. Same is the case with jewelry. It could be huge earing and heavy necklaces with large designs or small patterns. The fashion trends also change in makeup styles. Previously heavy eyeliner was in with shimmery lipsticks, but now light eye makeup with matt lipsticks is in fashion again.

Thus, fashion is what one perceives it to be and it is comfortable to adopt in my opinion.




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