What is lol

What is lol William stated that it can be defined as a good laugh


One of the most common words used in slang language is lol. Now how can one define it? It may be the abbreviation of lots of love or little old lady. Now image one writing this word after every sentence in a conversation especially if it’s a one with colleagues. Calling them little lady or sending lots of love to them after every sentence would be not a good idea. So make sure when on writes lol the other one is depicting it in the similar manner in order to avoid complications.  So now there is a smile and a little bit of moving towards the core idea on which this article is based. The word Lol can be described as laugh out louder.

Now the question is do we actually laugh out louder. There is mostly a smile on the face and we write lol. So one’s action is not defining the word but actually referring to the action that might occur.  Maximum use of this word is seen in communication occurring through the internet. Lol depicts different emotions as appended below:

  1. Happy: a condition in which one is content.
  2. Hyper: a state that depicts a lot of energy

Charlie said that in order to take the pain away from oneself, one needs to learn how to play with the pain by laughing on it.

An expression that depicts one’s contentment is also known as a laugh. Lol is basically depicting that. You must have heard that laughing is a good medicine for all over general health. Various studies conducted on this phenomenon facilitate the idea of laugh being a way to endure pain more easily. Laugh is also used as a defense mechanism by many people. You might have seen people laughing a lot. They might be diverting their attention to the current situation and avoiding conflict thoughts in their mind. As a result, they end up laughing more than anyone in the group. Nowadays laughing therapy is implemented by many people. If you go for a walk in the park you will see a group of people sitting together and practicing laughing therapy.

People who are in the habit of using lol a lot sometimes end up using them in real life too. For instance, a person was sitting in the cinema watching a movie instead of laughing on scenes he was just saying lol aloud. The interesting part was that people around him were laughing more due to his unconscious gesture then on the scene of the movie. Using lol in chat rooms or text messaging is very common but ending up using it in daily life conversation will end up getting one ridiculed by the people around him or her.

Lol, that laugh out louder is something liked by everyone. The feeling of being content and happy is cherished by people. Individual go to great lengths in order to adhere to the emotion that brings contentment to them.


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