What Is Love

What is love is confusing to many people , I wonder about this word called ‘love’ everyday.  Everyone has their own definition of love and their own expectations from it. For some it’s magic, while some don’t believe in it. Ask yourself what is love, and ask your neighbour what is love, you will find different answers. But, the thread that joins all these different coloured beads is a special feeling, something out of this world, something extraordinary. One can only assist you in recognising the symptoms, but what is it exactly, is a self-discovery. Nothing can make you live love except you falling in it.

When you’re in love, it’s all hearts and flowers. But once you’re heartbroken, it’s painful. As Jennifer Aniston believes:

“The greater your capacity to love, the greater your capacity to feel the pain.”

However, there’s nothing to worry because time heals everything. Well, there’s a little untruth in that statement. A love injury may heal, but it does leave scars. Looking at the bright side, it’s these scars that remind you what to do and what not to do.

Falling in love takes no effort. It can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone. Like Woody Allen said:

“The heart wants what it wants. There’s no logic to these things. You meet someone and you fall in love and that’s that.”

Rather, I would say, that staying in love is the real challenge. Magic happens, but how we cherish that beauty matters. Some people are sceptical about it, while some accept it readily. Your believing or not believing in it does not affect the beauty of what is love.

I personally feel that love is not about two people falling for each other, infact, it has a greater purpose. “What is love?” is a question to which no one has a definite answer but their own experiences. Love makes you a better human being, brings about personal development, whether through relationships and marriages, or through heartbreaks and divorces. Be sure that love will always give you something to learn.

I think Sylvester Stallone learnt loyalty from what his qoute suggests,

“Love is absolute loyalty. People fade, looks fade, but loyalty never fades. You can depend so much on certain people; you can set your watch by them. And that’s love, even if it doesn’t seem very exciting.”

And as for Madonna,

“To be brave is to love unconditionally without expecting anything in return.”

So if you’re looking for life lessons, find love. You never know what all love might introduce to you.

I can only say, don’t let anything stop you from believing in love. You may stop believing in the person you fall in love with, but never stop believing in love. Heartbreaks may make you wary, but in time you will realise that love never fails you. The more you fall in love, the more you will love yourself. ‘What is love’ is a question that you cannot find an answer to unless you experience it. It is a magic to be lived.


Srishtika Prakash

Srishtika Prakash is a team member of Tipslo.com. She is pursuing integrated Masters degree in Humanities and Social Sciences with a major in English Studies. She has also been associated with Swash Enterprises.

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