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What is Selfie

What is Selfie actually Selfies are basically pictures taken by one’s own self . Smart phones and cell phones with front camera have given rise to this new trend. The trend is mostly common among youngsters of both genders. Selfie is considered as a fashion and hallmark of modernism. Nowadays almost everyone is taking selfies and uploading on social media. Social media not only promotes this latest trend but also give high level self satisfaction to the users. As number of likes or comments on the selfie boost confidence level and self satisfaction of the user who has uploaded it.

If selfie depicts self love, then it means in previous decades people used to hate themselves? Self love is for own self not for show off. Looking mirror the oldest invention, justifies this kind of self love; a person can see himself/herself in the mirror and be satisfied with the appearance. But nowadays people are not satisfied with their appearances and take selfies regardless of any occasion, they are basically attention seekers.

Many industries are running nowadays which pamper many inferiority complexes. Human can never be fully thankful to the Creator. Outlook or appearance complexes were once the identity of females only, but nowadays this selfie craze has affected both genders. Psychologists believe selfie represents shallow personality of the person.

One basic aspect behind this selfie obsession is lesser physical interaction or gatherings and increasing rate of using social media. Nowadays people prefer to spend time on social media rather than going to some party or at friend’s home. Dresses, hairstyles etc are appreciated in the parties among friends which to some extent satisfies self esteem. But nowadays when new generation has closed all doors of social gathering and become addicted to social media, then selfie has provided a window through which the inferiority complexes can breathe.

Selfie is a kind of obsession in which person loves to live in fantasy and continues to take selfie as favorite project. When the person is not satisfied with his/her appearance he/she takes selfies in a countless fashion  as out of those 100s selfies any one can be good or approved by others. Mostly females look themselves from the eyes of others, for them good clothes and accessories are not enough; they need certificate of appreciation on daily basis. Selfies provide the certificate of appreciation not only on the daily basis but on hourly basis.

Noor ul Ain

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