Which is more effective? A better SEO or better SMO?

Generally people who are looking to optimize their websites are not aware what is the difference between SEO and SMO? Over the period of few years social media has emerged to a powerful tool which is slowly gaining its dominance over search engines. The purpose of SEO is to optimize a website according to the search engines and on the other hand SMO is used to make the website social media friendly. One advantage of SMO over any better SEO service is its ability to share information. This shared information can then be used to get more traffic towards the specific website.

Being two different techniques both SEO and SMO are used to get more traffic towards the specific website. In any better search engine optimization technique the website is optimized in such way that the search engine places it at top rankings so that website gets more traffic than other websites which are not using SEO. Optimization of the website according to search engine includes tweaking certain aspects of the website making it visible to the search engines thus increasing its rank. One problem associated with SEO is that there is no fixed time in which you will get the desired results and in some cases you even have to wait for months to get the required results.

The searching mechanism of any search engine is based on keywords. The search engine optimization of the website includes proper selection of the suitable keywords and then using these keywords as important part of the content available on the webpage which will then increase the visibility of the website. A better SEO package will contain keyword research as important part of its package.

There is another method which is used as SEO technique. This method includes paying for the search terms. In most of the cases it is advised that one should avoid using this technique but in case the competition for the specific keywords is very tough, then one can easily get top rankings as by paying for the search terms. Search engine algorithm being unpredictable in nature it is not sure that you will be able to get the required results from search engines and even paying for keywords can sometimes not provide with desiring results. One research conducted to compare the performance of both organic and paid searches provided with the results that organic searches were not at par with the paid searches.

The effectiveness of social media on internet is based on two main factors; the ability of users to connect with each other and making any information viral on the internet. Both of these factors can be used to increase the overall traffic towards a specific website which a better SEO package would not be able to get otherwise. This resulted in people getting desirable results in much lesser time as compared to search engine optimization. The SMO also makes it easy for the users to reach their target audience and hence provides them with platform to test different marketing strategies.


Swash is an entrepreneur who is deeply involved in many online and offline joint ventures. Swash is also CEO of Swash Enterprises - offering online business solutions - and running a couple of different businesses.