Why sleep is important for health

Why sleep is important for health Dekker considered sleep as a chain of gold that knots our health and body together.

Sleep is a need required by all mammals. Some sleep for months other for few hours.  Sleeping disorders or issues with not going off to sleep are prevailing in every part of the world. Individual are trying to look for remedies for their sleep problems. The interesting thing about sleep is that the average time an individual sleep is 1/3 of his life. One can say that sleeping is important to a person as is breathing. Sleep has been divided into 4 categories on the basis of behavior. Stage one is where the motor activity of the person decreases. In the second stage, it decreases further. Than third stage would be where one is lying with closed eyes. And at the end sleep. These stages differentiate sleep from the coma. Furthermore according to different researches one can find 80 different types of sleep disorders. Most of these disorders come under one large category and are treated according to the category.

In a broader spectrum sleep can be divided into two stages

  1. NREM
  2. REM

NREM: It is an abbreviation of non rapid eye movement sleep. This type of sleep pertains 3 stages. One can define this level by stating that it is a stage where one can’t dream. According to Freud dreams are psychological indicators of the daily events and how they have been perceived by the unconscious part of the brain. In non rapid eye movement sleep individual see chunks which make no sense. Moreover, this stage has been further divided into 3 different stages.

  1. In stage 1, one is not in a sleep mode nor is he awake. He or she is actually moving from a stage of being awake to being sleepy. Sometimes people complain that they slept so long yet they are exhaust. They actually stay in this stage where one’s body strength is not restored because one is not properly sleeping. He or she is in the middle stage where one is nor awake nor sleeping.
  2. Stage 2 is where one is in such a sleep that it does help revive body strength to some extent.
  3. Stage 3 is the last stage of NREM and is known as delta sleep. It can be called as a deep sleep. This stage revives body energy completely.

REM (Rapid eye movement)

The type of sleep is the rapid eye movement sleep. Because eye movement is very fast in this sleep so its name rapid eye movement is actually derived from here. In this type of sleep, muscle movement is not possible. One only breathes in this stage and moves his eyes rapidly. In majority individuals, REM is of ninety minutes during the whole night. Initially, this type of sleep can be of five minutes only. The time duration will increase in the next session it might be of 10 minutes than 15. The last duration of this type of sleep could be of 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Remembering the dream is different but having it is totally different. Everyone dreams some remember some don’t.

Steinbeck stated that it has been seen that problems that seems impossible to solve at night becomes easy in the morning especially when one had a good sleep.

A good sleep not only revives the body to its full potential but also helps one with his psychological stressors of by keeping them at bay for him to implement solutions to his problem and fighting the situation tactfully.

In this article, the author tried her best to cover Why sleep is important for health.


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