Mehwish and Danish Talk:

Mehwish says Danish what if you get caught. My boss has already bailed out after the court’s timing if you earned 10 million it’s easy to pay 1 million to get bailed out. For six more days we have to be honest then everything goes back to normal. What I am going to wear in her brother’s wedding. I mean I bought my all three artificial sets with her. Why does her brother have to be married so soon.


So tell me what should I do. Even if I sold my bike its not enough money. Danish take loan, now don’t say that father did also stop to take loan. From whom. What are friends for. In the time of need they should give you 80 to 90k. I don’t have any friend other than you. I thought I have you so I don’t need anyone else. You tell me have you ever saw me meeting any friends. You are my only friend. Then go and man some friends. And make friends who are there for you in the time of need.

Danish and Sir Talk:

Danish says what a pleasant surprise, sir. What surprise Danish. It is a surprise sir. Yesterday anti- corruption took you with them and then I got text from Shams and I was shocked that in less than 2 hours you got bailed. How bail could not be done. Anti-corruption guidelines read without any proof you are innocent. How’s that possible sir. They’ve opened six files in front of me.


Everything was written in the files but nothing in the city. It only took an hour, he asked me for 10 lacs and I gave him 20 lacs. Right here he stopped the vehicle and said lets have some tea. And after one cup he send me home and at 1:30pm show up in magistrate office and she I got there, the same officer opened my car door and said sorry for the inconvenience. Yesterday he seemed as if  he would arrest everyone in a single day.


Whoever doesn’t bribe him will be arrested by him. That’s the way. By I’ve decided to be honest for one weak. One weak, sir. What happened, Danish. Because of the 2 lacs deal I promised my wife to buy her the necklace in a couple of days her friend’s brother is getting married so she was worried. If you promised your wife to necklace the go buy her the necklace. How sir. Sir says Shams transfer 2 lacs rupees in to Mr. Danish’s bank account no wait just give him 2 lacs rupees in cash. That’s, it.

Anooshay and Mehwish Talk:

Anooshay says Mehwish I am coming towards you. Yes, do come. The meaning of coming to you is not that I may stay with you, we are going for shopping. Anooshay, at this time. No, I mean Danish is not at home, if I may tan Roomi with us then he will eat our brain.Don’t worry, we will buy ice cream for him, and leave him with driver. I was just passing by, so thought of having a coffee so how are you. Anooshay says I am absolutely fine, this is my friend Mehwish, he’s Amir’s boss. Who is this little cute boy. This is Mehwish’s son. You are so beautiful, just like you mama.

Shewar Come:

I can’t believe it that your friend is married, why beautiful girls got married so early. Anooshay says he is a billionaire, but so down yo earth for us he is more like a family member. I’ve seen that am rich men have some sadness. What is his sorrow. Wife’s sorrow, they don’t even have a little understanding. First 8 years of marriage the used to fight, after his wife went to her parents to America.


Now she lives in America for 10 months in a year. She is such an ill-mannered woman. She does so much doubts. If she would be here, she must have catch him with his collar. Is she mad. She is mad. If she would’ve seen him with Maria, then she might have starting shouting that you are doing flirts with your secretary. The secretary who was before Maria, she had slapped her in front  of all in the office.


Why, Anooshay. What shall I the you. When shewar went to Hong Kong he took her along with him, as soon as she got to know, she created so much choas. So why she went along with him. The do go, secretary of a big man goes to foreign trips, its not a big deal. She might have thought, that there is something in between them. This is the problem. It is a problem, why. She should be happy, that her husband is so handsome and rich and also loyal with her. Is he loyal. How he could be loyal. If the wife will lives in America for months, then will the husband show loyalty during that time period. At least, he is fulfilling the relation. How long he will fulfill. She has the shares in all three companies of Shewar, that’s why he tolerates her.

Danish and Mehwish Talk:

Danish says Mehwish being happy in other’s event. What do you mean. I am saying right, in others wedding you are going to die while shopping. Anooshay is my friend, my belove friend. Till yesterday I was your beloved, have you forgotten. I remember that too you also try to remember. You were chasing me badly, talking about big dreams and after getting married, you’ve put me in this small flat.


Don’t worry my love our days will be changed. Days will not change by your promises, Danish only dates will change. What happened are you in the mood of fighting. Why are you talking so rudely. Today, I took credit of Rs. 80000 from Anooshay. There isn’t any no hurry of returning. We will give Rs. 10000 per months, we have got time of 8 months. But what was the need.

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