Mehwish and Danish Talk:

Mehwish says Danish are you feeling bad. Actually, I bought this necklace. I thought you won’t be able to arrange Rs.80000 all of a sudden and my dream won’t even be fulfilled, that’s why I asked from Anooshay courageously. I know, what you’re thinking from where we will arrange Rs. 10000 per month, you are worried about this, right. Don’t worry for 8 months we will consider Sunday as Monday.

We will not go anywhere, even we won’t dine out so 10000 will be saved. You are not  believing, right. But believe it, I will manage and will save the amount. Why are you smiling in the answer of everything. I am smiling on some other matter. I am smiling on that you know about everything. But you don’t know and even understand one thing. What is that. I love you so much, Mehwish.

I thought you might say something else. What else I may say more than this, and what else you want to listen more than this. Tell me, don’t you have any objection on Rs. 10000 per month. If you will say this that you don’t have any objection and you are happy by seeing the necklace then I will understand that you really live me. I have an objection, Mehwish, I don’t want that my wife would not raise her head in front of her friend for the next 8 month.

Don’t be crazy, why I would not raise my head in front of my friend. Not in front of friend but in front of whom you look credit from. Its too natural, Mehwish from whom we took credit, we may not raise our eyes and head in front of that person. Okay I will return the necklace. When did I  said this, keep the necklace with you and return the credit. There are Rs. 140000 return the credit of Anooshay and keep remaining amount with you.


From where you got this much money. Its a reward to kick dad’s grave. It was just so simple when you kick your dead father, then he dies forever. Now you will see, neither he will come in my memory nor in my dreams. Are you upset with me. No, why would I be upset. The same, that I bought necklace without asking you, by taking loan from Anooshay. This matter is finished.

When you will refund her amount, then I will forget your foolishness. Why are you calling it foolishness. I am saying sorry for that. I realize that I did mistake, but I will never accept that making a wish is foolishness. Either dreams may not come true, but everyone dreams and tries to fulfill them everyone is fool then.

Mehwish, see all the dreams from today on wards, make wish for the things which you did not get. I am here, I will do all efforts. Danish says Mehwish who is this man. Amir’s boss, we went to restaurant after shopping, there we met. He still remembered your name. Some people do this. Man has good memory about beautiful girls.

What work he does. I told that he is boss of Amir, its enough. He is looking at you. Roomi says Mama I want to tell you something. The man who was at parking, his son got admission in the school. So, may I get your admission in his school, have you seen his school its third class. So will I go to a big school. Yes, my son will go to a big school so my all friends will get jealous.

Mehwish and Anooshay Talk:

Mehwish says Anooshay he is pretending like a mad person since last night, he went to but food but he came back empty handed. He was breathing badly when he came back. In the morning he didn’t even remember that he went to buy food last night. What happened to him. Your Mr. Shewar is stuck to his heart like a dagger. You are laughing here, he is after my life. Do you know, he has forbidden me to wear that black saree.

He says, if you will ware saree with half  blouse then people will see your naked back. What shall I do now, blouse can not be stitched in this short time. Do you remember when I met him first time. I had told you that your husband is so conservative. But he doesn’t admit that he is conservative or maybe he loves me so much, that’s why he is too possessive. This the way of men, they become possessive to take the girls in their slavery.

Danish and Sir Talk:

Danish says sir, I want to talk you about something personal, Tell me, what’s the matter. I want to buy a car, a big one. It was my old wish that’s why I am saying it. When I got married I had promised my wife that one day I will give you a big car. Sir, is it not possible. Danish, the work in which you have entered, what’s not possible in that work.

Sir, two months. Okay one month, but you will not get a big car in one month. Besides, you shouldn’t keep a big car before promotion. Because someone does complaint, inquiry may start. We have so many enemies in this field. You are saying right, sir. If you buy a small car first, then your wife will start trusting on you. She will believe that her husband has guts, he will buy a big car one day.

Never get afraid. Why would I be afraid, sir. In this job inquiries at in routine, sometimes we are saved sometimes not. I said, nothing to be scared its just you have to be a little practical. How practical, sir. Whatever you earn in this work save 20 percent separately, think as if you haven’t earned it, For what, sir. To get freedom respectfully, I am coming from court just before coming to office. What happened to your case.

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