Danish and Mr. Mateen Talk:

Danish says Mr. Mateen I cannot do this. I will just jump in the sea, by feeling that I know how to swim. I will not wear life jacket. Get married, Mr. Danish. Why. It is important to have a woman’s back for going ahead. Do you agree with this thing. I only agree this. But I do not agree. If this is true then I will prove that this is a lie. You should see a psychiatrist. Usually a person loses their war in anger. She has gone send prayers to her. She has given you pain then take them. Say hi and tell them if you are not mine then listen I’m also not yours. 8 years ago, I met my wife but actually I didn’t met her. When I got hurt and fell I realize that I fell on her feet. Her husband was with her. But still when I got hurt she yearned. She helped me to get up from the foot path.


She cleaned my foot’s wound. During that while, her husband went to bring medicine for my wound. I asked her you did not developed hatred for me. She smiled and said. Mateen, we pity on unfaithful. She doesn’t hate me. Her husband called me one day before she died. He said Sam in a wants to talk to you. I talked Ber breaths were stuck. She asked me does unfaithful attitude gets punished. I said yes it does. She said how much did you get. I said that much which doesn’t event the faithful gets the fruit of. She said alright Mateen Ahmed I have forgiven you. Afterwards her husband told me, before dying she was asking me when I forgave Mateen Ahmed, so did you felt that I had forgiven him from my heart. You eat these bread I won’t be able to eat them.


Doctor says are you with Mr. Mateen. How are you related to him. Danish says is he alright. He is not conscious presently, how are you related to him. I’m his friend his colleague. Alright do one thing get your ID card submitted at the counter, and take his cellphone and purse. Hello, Mr. Danish speaking Mr. Mateen’s colleague. You are his daughter speaking. Actually, Mr. Mateen has suffered a heart attack. He is in hospital’s CCU. Dr. how is Mr. Mateen. Unfortunately, he is not good. We are trying for last time stay calm. I’m sorry we tried our best but he couldn’t survive. Whatever god’s will please be patient.

Mehwish and Shewar Talk:

Mehwish says Shewar shall I bring Roomi here for one or two days. Its been months now I haven’t even seen his face. He will come here. In the past months, his father has made him your enemy. He is not of that nature. He will not instigate him l know him. Shall I bring here you don’t have any objection. Not at all, why will I have an objection. I will be happy, if he comes here and stays with you. But he shall not stare me. Why will he stare. He will stare. Step children stares their step father a lot. He will not stare I promise. Alright then I have no problem. Bring him today then.

Call Him:

Then you call him ask him to drop him here. To whom shall I call to Danish this was his name. For such small work, now I will be calling such low-class people. You do have his number. Yes. Then call him tell him that I’m sending the car send Roomi along with the driver. If you want, you can also go. Thank you so much. Now you’ll also say thank you for this. You rule on my heart. Don’t take permission like public. I’m going to office. Why don’t you ask me to come to office. Will you still go. Come to office, when Room I leaves. And yes don’t seek permission its your office.

Mehwish and Hania Talk:

Mehwish says whose this. Hania says who are you. This is Danish’s number. No, this is my father Mr. Mateen’s number. How’s it possible this is Danish’s number. Tell me the truth who are you. Shut up who are you speaking. Listen, who ever you are give he phone to Danish or tell him that I want to meet Roomi. This is not Mr. Danish’s number I’ve already informed you. Please don’t disturb us by calling again and again.


How many times shall I tell you, that this not Mr. Danish’s number this is my father Mr. Mateen’s number why aren’t you understand this. Is this sister-in-law speaking. Who is this. I’m dealer namely Khawaja jameel I’m selling your flat sister-in-law. I’ve called, since I have to speak to Mr. Danish that’s why. Is he sleeping. Do you also think this is Mr. Danish’s number. So this is not his number. Not at all. Sorry sister. Some Mr. Danish called me from this number. From this number yours, Mr. Mateen also called.

Hania and Danish Talk:

I’m Hania speaking, Mr. Danish. I believe both of you have similar cellphones. Yes, they are similar. So, what has happened is that you have given me your phone by mistake. You have kept my father’s phone. I will be coming in a while, to give it back to you. Guard says Madam Mehwish you don’t have the keys. I don’t live here anymore. I know about this sir has told me that your posting is done in another city and children Roomi has also gone with you.


Where has he gone. With you, Madam. Where is Danish. He has just gone outside on his bike. When he’ll be back. I don’t know sometimes he comes very early or sometimes he comes very late. I’m waiting in the car. Mehwish says Shewar I’m sitting in the car, waiting for him. Why are you waiting. Meet Roomi or take him along. He has sent Roomi somewhere. What do you mean, he has sent Roomi somewhere. He has told everyone here, that my position is done in some other city. 

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