Hania and Tania Talk:

Hania says tania he fakes his smiles and gets glad in the true manner and father had written that I’ve never seen in the past months  that he had smiled with his heart. But he tries to be first to smile ask why. Why. His wife has killed his smile somewhere father has also written pity on that man’s smile, who has started to doubt his wife. This is so weird sometimes I think, a powerful man from outside is just like a water bubble from inside.

He gets shattered by just one blow of a woman father use to say I laugh if a woman doubts a man but I cry when a man doubts a woman. How is she look wise. Terrific I’m saying this she is beautiful else if one woman does not have a dignity she doesn’t looks beautiful. Then say it straight away she is not beautiful but an evil.

Mehwish and Shewar Talk:

Mehwish says Shewar will he get convinced by day after tomorrow. Who please Mehwish or else tell me where shall I take you. So, that you forgets all this. I had said in front of you that they should have met by the 3rd day else my lawyer will tear you apart. But still you are not believing this threat is not given by you. I have given and when I say something I mean it. okay, I’m sorry. By the way I know him he is a coward. He doesn’t get to sleep for the whole night, of one threatens him. He wakes up again yo drink water.

Father and Roomi Talk:

Father says Roomi you slept so early. Are you fine. Yes papa. Are you angry with me. Why would I be angry with you. Really then why did you say papa you are not my strength. Papa you said this yourself Roomi you are not my strength you are my weakness. Why are you laughing. You won’t believe you’ll think papa is lying to you. No, my papa never tells a lie. Then listen I’m your strength I’m not your weakness. Don’t you believe. You are joking papa.

Ask me, why I’m saying this. Why are you saying this. Because now I’ve decided that now you’ll decide whether you want to meet your mama or not. I won’t decide this. Papa, what about them they are very powerful they will annoy you. They’ll annoy me right then see how much I will annoy them you are thinking less about your father’s strength. Really, papa. You just wait and watch I will break his face. Why are you laughing now. Because you are my strength papa.

Danish and Shewar Talk:

Danish says Shewar I was waiting for your phone call. So, what have you decided. I’m coming to you. I’ve thought to decide go once. Okay, come then. I’ll be there in next half an hour. Shewar says Mehwish he is coming he said we’ll discuss this issue don’t call me I’m in a meeting. I forgot to say one thing I love you. Sir, Mr. Danish is here. What shall I do, if he is here make him sit for the whole 1 hour.

Sir is busy in a meeting at the moment. Don’t tell a lie he has said ask that scoundrel to wait for an hour. Shewar says what is this happened. What is all this. What are you doing in my room. Danish says I’ll kill the one who’ll gets up from here. Yes, Shewar Ahmed chairman, Shewar chemicals. We have  to talk about something. You don’t have any idea with who you have messed with. I will make that condition of yours, that low class people like you will learn the lesson. This is my dialogue I will say this today. What you guys are looking at call the police.

What are you doing. Police come after the incident. Let me complete the incident so, you say before that. Say, whatever is in your heart. Tell them what you have said on the phone. Mr. Danish leave my collar and talk to me in peace. Say it now if they won’t meet in 2 days time, then what your lawyers will do to me. They will stripe me. So look I have come wearing a suit. So, that I can wear good clothes before being stripped. Don’t disturb me a meeting is going on inside.

What is he doing. Come here just think for 2 minutes when you’ll stripe me you’ll be needing. your lawyers and hooligans. It will take time, when you’ll call them and ask to come but I’ll stripe you and it will take just 2 minutes. Look the one who I with you, my ex-wife. She is sold you have bought her so, I said alright which can get sold why can’t get be a buyer but now you have started the matter on my son. But my son is my left over pride you said your lawyers will tear me apart. You did so wrong. You have made me remember that I’m my son’s strength not weakness.

So, remember Mr. Shewar if you threaten me, today on wards or tried to come in between me and my son. So, I’ll drag you, holding your tie and I will strip you in front of everyone for sure and you people will get benefit from this incident. He cannot fire you if he will shout on you, then go outside and tell everyone that what happened with him today. Have a nice day Shewar Ahmed.

Roomi and Father Talk:

Roomi says papa talk to her Miss Hania is very pretty or shall I talk to her. What will you say to her. I will say merry my father, my father is the best father.

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