Actually she is disturbed Shewar has left her understand that wretch girl came from there being insulted. He betrayed her. Then wretched girl must be so upset, right. Such bad happened with wretched girl. Wretched girl got heart broken. Stop it, Tania we shouldn’t make the fun of someone. You also stop wretched is not that useless word that if you’ll use with Mehwish so it’ll be alright.


You are a teacher don’t you feel ashamed by called her a wretched girl. By looking at her I feel pity  you k ow she wanted to burst into tears in front of me but she couldn’t cry. Maybe she must be thinking that why is she crying now. Danish must have not picked up her call. No she didn’t call when I asked her she replied that from which face I shall call now. No she’ll call. Why now.

She came to check you now she has got to know that you are not in her way. So, She’ll make a call you had removed the Sim from dad’s phone because of this. So that the path gets clear she return back, straight to her house. And Danish takes her in her arms, just after seeing her and will say Mehwish where have you been. I was waiting for you so job is done but you also stand still on your decision.

Fall in Love:

Even if you fall in love with him then don’t put back dad’s Sim in the phone again. I’ll fall in with him how and why you felt it. By taking out the phone’s Sim by your love in the name of love and by getting quiet while laughing. Whatever you have done is good, keeping a stone on your heart you helped the hurtful people. You let him go to her but promise me one thing if he comes back to you then don’t say to him that I don’t love you, you’ll bear a huge loss.

Danish and Mehwish Talk:

Danish says hello who are you. Mehwish says you’ve also deleted my number too. Mehwish what happened, why are you crying. How are you. Yes, I’m fine. Shall I make you talk to Roomi. No, I want to talk to you. Go ahead. I want to meet you. Don’t do this I won’t be able to do this. Why, Danish.

Its been 5 months to make myself understand to make myself believe that it won’t be possible to meet you. And now I can’t even pronounce you and ask you to come. And can’t tell you, that look Mehwish my shirt’s button is broken. Danish please. Mehwish don’t take my name like this I’ll feel that you are with me somewhere nearby.

No you are nowhere now but I never thought that there will be meetings with you. You’ll come to meet and you’ll return after coming. I won’t go you stop me by holding my hand, I swear upon you I won’t go. Mehwish I did stopped you I told you not to go. I also gave your swear upon don’t you remember.

I remember that only. I’m scared now I don’t say anyone not to go nor I say that the one who has gone will come back. But today even I remember you, I miss you so much and I miss you the more at that time when someone talks proudly in love and talks about fulfilling the love bye.

Ayesha and Salman Talk:

Ayesha says Salman what are you doing in the kitchen. I’m making the coffee for you, I’m being in love with you. Are you being in love with me or being afraid of me. This happens Salman one bad girl because of her deeds insults 10 other good girls. That’s why I had forbidden her last night for staying here I don’t even want to be in the company of disloyal person. What are you talking about.

But your talks are true I believe there must won’t be a lot of girl like Mehwish but even if we found one, then we get to doubt on many. Anyways what you have done. I’ve got her fit got her a job. I’ve got her a room in the working women hostel. I tried to give her some money but she didn’t took them. When I was coming back so she holded my hand and said get me for given. Do you talk to him.

Yes, I did. He didn’t get convinced. He got convinced at once he said tell her I’ve forgiven her then he picked up the bag turned his face and went away. You know today I was with Mehwish the whole day I had food with her too. She use to be my best friend in the university I don’t use to have breakfast so as to do it with her. Don’t you remember therefore we use to sit in the canteen together.

I was so fond of her so, today I felt as if I’m having food with a Brahman which can’t be touched and when I was about to come back she said sit for some  more time. And when I sat with her she started to ask in appropriate questions. What did she ask. She said my love was a victim of someone’s betrayal but what happened to Danish’s love. What does it means. Means why Danish doesn’t love me anymore. Why shall he be in love with her, doing love is some duty.

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