Mehwish and Shewar Talk:

I have gone there and take along Roomi with me. He would be feeling guilty while telling that my wife has left me. Same that old problem of honor. Anyways no problem. It is a problem, Shewar. Where he has sent Roomi. Where he would have sent. A small low class loser man and a wounded husband can do what more. He is hurting you in the name of kid of if I will say it clearly he will try to blackmail you. What else he can do. But, don’t worry. If you won’t get Roomi, tomorrow or day after then he will notice from your lawyer, on the third day. You just wait and watch what I’ll do with him. You just come back don’t wait for him. No, shewar please. You wait for a while I will be back just after meeting him. Shewar says you are wasting such a beautiful evening. You know if you would not have called so, I was enjoying a lot just a small sound. I just felt, that you have come but now if any sound will be heard it will be useless to see. Keep waiting.

Danish and Hania Talk:

Danish says I miss him so much. Hania says we also miss him so much I was reading his dairy today. There wasn’t even a single page from the last 10 pages, in which he has not mentioned you. He has mentioned your name while drinking tea at the cafe. you came to school that day you didn’t tell that you use to work with my father. How would I have told you, I never knew you were his daughter. For that day I’m sorry. Why sorry a good teacher shall be like this no compromise. Mehwish is your wife right. She was. She was calling today I received it by mistake. I don’t know what she understood. I’m sorry she is very I’ll mannered. Why are you selling the flat.


Don’t be glad your dealer called in the morning he told me and I’m asking because father was so worried about you. He has written in the dairy, I’m worried about my friend. He is very angry and in anger a person is powerful but not wise. Has Roomi improved. Yes, you said that right, if he promises he’ll get good result he is doing good. Also now he laughs, talks and he is becoming playfully as well and playful is that much the day I gave a star on his hand. So he said will you marry me. I’m telling the truth I said to him go child you are very little at the moment. So he replied you wait, please I will grow up soon. So, you get married then my son will become happy. Hania say I will meet your wife, someday. I will see a woman who cheats her own child just because of her own means does look like a woman. I shall take you leave now. As you wish. Don’t think about Roomi’s studies he is my responsibility now. I will make him alright for that even I have to get married to him.

Mehwish and Danish Talk:

Mehwish says Danish where is Roomi. Why you have come here. If you won’t received my call, then I had to come here. I didn’t had my phone with me. I know it was with one of your girlfriend’s. Come upstairs and will sit and talk. No, I won’t come upstairs. Since you have came here then you have to come upstairs too else it will be a scene in front of everyone. Nobody knows here that you have gone from here for forever nor they know, that we have been divorced and look at you, you came here wandering. To tell everyone that you are no more related to people living in the flat anymore. So how do I relate, believe it now its all over why are you hiding it. I won’t hide it for long time but if anyone will get to know here I will feel very ashamed. I feel in that way.


Where is Roomi. In boarding. You got him into boarding. Yes, he felt he will be okay, in boarding he said, so I accepted. I want to meet him. Okay, then meet. He must be missing you too. I will take him along with me on Saturday and Sunday. Where. At my home. No, he won’t go there. Why. Because I won’t let him go there. You are his mother, you can meet him whenever you want to. But because of you he meets such people, that I won’t like. What do you mean by such people. Means Shewar. You are raising issues without any reason. I had thought since you have gone now, you won’t ever come in front of me. in had also got Roomi admitted to boarding. So that you can meet him whenever you want to. I also go and meet him there. Roomi’s hostel is very nice. It is big there is no problem in talking, meeting or to play there with him.


I okay with him for hours. He will stay with me on Saturday and Sunday. I have said he won’t stay and nothing such was decided at that time of divorce. Then remember you are creating the problems if he won’t come tomorrow, then on Monday I’ll go to the court. Have you gone mad. Try to remember Mehwish have I never done anything good to you in the past 8 years. You also decided just now. From today on wards, I won’t wait for you sitting in the parking of this flat nor will I listen to your girlfriend’s voice on phone. No, she is not my girlfriend, she is Mr. Mateen’s daughter. Mr. Mateen has died. So, in the hospital our phones got exchanged. Both the phones are similar. Aren’t you sorry about Mr. Mateen’s death. May God, give him place in paradise. Look Danish, I don’t want to go to court nor I want to exaggerate this matter to make it a news.

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