Means, you run away and other person keep on pronouncing your name. One minute Salman focus on her question you won’t get the answer in anger try to understand what she is saying. She is saying that Danish should keep fulfilling his Part of love. Why sis she saying. Okay wait try to recall in the starting, it doesn’t make any difference to you that what replies I am giving you of your messages. Do you remember in the 3re semester I did complaint against you. I went to Dean and told him that I’m afraid of this boy  and I made his read all your messages as well.


Yes, then Dean called me in his room and said many bad words to me and on my marriage day he said in my ear that I’m sorry. Leave marriage just stay there when I wasn’t in love with you. You remember at that time you said to Danish if she doesn’t love me then let her not to do remember. Yes, I do remember. And you also said that I do love her its enough for me correct me if I’m wrong. No you are right I did said this. So why you said it, if it doesn’t make any difference to you, of me not loving you then why does it make a difference to Danish, of Mehwish not loving him.


You know what you are very intelligent, actually you are not. Ayesha says you said I’m not intelligent. You have mind it. Why did you said it. Shall I tell you, why we got married. Because I also started loving you, Salman. Then what was the need to get married. Means, we both were in love with each other wasn’t that enough. What is this question, Salman. I’ve been listening to your speech since 15 minutes, did I ask what sort of question is this, Ayehsa. Alright say it. What shall I say, I’ve asked you a question, answer me. Why we did marriage. Because we are bound to do marriage socially and religiously in order to live together. We are bound though then why does love need this showoff.


Tell me the truth to which writer you’ve read recently. For so many days I read Danish and for some moment I read Mehwish. I’ll tell you that if love we fall in love then why do we get married. That day we gather people and we tell everyone that we have chosen each other and from now on wards we are not available for anybody else am I right. Right but. I’ll also answer you of your but she made a mistake. She didn’t remember that to stay together she had signed a social and religious bond. Or else for a better opportunity she had to break that bond she broke it, she made a mistake. She’ll apologize for it She’ll give her life.


How will your world will run like this, here we get opportunities at every step, Ayehsa one better than that other. Tomorrow if I liked someone else you’ll fall in love with someone else and after 4 days you’ll meet me. And you’ll say to me, I did a mistake I’ll say its okay you go home, I’ll come. My mistake will be continued for two days so, Ayehsa Salman Ibrahim how will this world run. Right now, I’m talking about social commitment or about religious bond. I haven’t talked about love, yet love is the game of blind people. In this game nothing can be seen than the other person.

Salman Talk:

But all of a sudden anyone of them is able to see then the eyes of other person gets open itself his eyes are opened, Ayehsa. Now again he won’t be blind for Mehwish. Mehwish says Roomi how do you sleep without me. At first it was difficult when I went to hostel in the beginning I use to stay awake. That’s why the results came bad then when miss Hania got to know that I don’t have mama. Then she made me understand that there are thousands of kid in the world whose mama are not there. So, you told your miss Hania that your mama has died. I said, she is alive but she is not with me. Does she meets your papa.

Roomi Talk:

No, they just talk on phone only. Daily.  Not daily just sometimes but now they must not be talking on the phone anymore. Why. Her phone keeps switched off I’ve been trying since 2 days. Why do you try. Just like that mama I like her so much. You don’t like me right. No, you are mama. Then why don’t you call me. I’m upset with you. And till when you’ll stay upset. Shall I tell you the truth till the time papa will stay upset with me. Why are you laughing. You know what happened one day its about that time when we use to live in the flats. You had already gone by that time papa came in the evening and pronounced very loudly Mehwish.

Father and Roomi Talk:

Roomi says papa she started crying I know why she was crying. Why was she crying because she has started to miss both of us now. She lives in the hostel. I know then go and meet her. She was saying sorry while keeping the phone she said say papa sorry. You use to say that if somebody says sorry then the fight is ended. She had also called you. Yes, she did. Didn’t she said sorry to you. She said. Then, papa.

Then what. If she has said sorry then the fight is ended. When you’ll grow up then I’ll sit and tell you that there wasn’t any fight between. There was a relationship binding us and there is a sin, if it is broken. If a mistake is happened then sorry is said but if a sin is committed. Then apology can’t be given by saying sorry. Won’t she get apology ever. The day when I’ll forget her that day she’ll be forgiven. Then forget her papa.

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