Mehwish and Daniah Talk:

Mehwish says Danish what are you doing. I am seeing that how rich I am. I am saying truth, whenever I feel that I have less money, then I take me wallet out and see your photo, then I become rich in a second. But that necklace for me. I am thinking for same, but we must know the price. It must be about 80 to 90 thousands. you said that you have 28000. So, 50 to 60 thousands are left, its too much right.


My two salaries, tell me what shall I do. Sleep quietly. You are awake, how you may sleep.What you might think about that your husband can not but an ordinary necklace for you. To be honest, I am restless more than you. Please sleep. I am not feeling sleepy, my status is showing me a thumb Mehwish. How can I tell you, I wish to but all the necklace of the world for you. Now you are insulting me Danish. What are you saying. I am feeling very guilty.


When did I say that buy that necklace for me, I just liked that so I think to buy some time and if I may not buy it then I would not die, now sleep you always get late on Monday. You are feeling pity on my helplessness. Now think a new story, its not like that my love, I am happy in which situation you keep me.

Mehwish and Anooshay Talk:

Mehwish says Anooshay today early in the morning. I become mad till evening by  going here or there. How are you Roomi. What do you mean by going here and there. All of a sudden my brother realized that he should get married. He is getting married. Yes, and doing like that if he will not do it on Friday then the girl may get married on Saturday will someone else. What, his marriage on Friday. By the way, I am feeling pity on Danish. Why. If he has to buy three suits in the end of the month, then he will abuse me along with my brother.

Roomi Talk:

Roomi says can you please lower your voice. I’m watching cartoons. But why are you watching cartoons, when you should be at school. He’s not enrolled yet, I’m thinking to get it done by next month. Isn’t my Meerab younger than him. She is two months younger than him, she is about to go in prep. And this rascal is sitting at home and watching TV. Listen, yesterday I went to the mall and saw your necklace is still lying there, you didn’t but it. How am I supposed to buy it.


I am only able to save a 1000 or 2000 from my monthly salary and I don’t know how long I’ll be able to do that. If Roomi starts school soon then I’ll have nothing left. But I brought it to his attention that how much I like that necklace. What’s the use of telling him when he can’t afford to buy it. So much he can do if he loses his fear. He’s a bit shy and follows his father’s teachings.


Didn’t his father pass away. But he left his teaching for us to live by. Then tell him clearly that you also need to work, this is not a way to run a house hold. He will not agree. Why will he not agree. He says about Roomi, who will watch over him. But he’s right where will Roomi go while I’m at work. Let me tell you something. He has decided this time to bring a change. Did he say anything. No, but I saw the hunger in his eyes that whatever it takes he will get the necklace even if he has to sell himself.


Mehwish says Danish a new problem is here. Tell that too. It is wedding of Anooshay’s brother. So we will go. At least ask me when is the marriage. On Friday, Wednesday Dholak, Mehndi on Thursday, we have to go all three days. So we will go Mahewish, tomorrow after work I’ll take you shopping. And I’m aware why you’re pointing out that we have to attend all three days.


Don’t worry you’ll get three dresses. Along with it, you’ll get something else as well. Tomorrow, I will give you a surprise. Do one thing, ask Anooshay which school Meerab attends. For what, Danish. We have to get him enrolled in the school, all day this rascal watches cartoons. Do you know about the fees of that school. Maybe 10 or 15 thousands. And your salary, do you remember how much it is.


But you know my signature has a lot of power. If I may do signature on a file of two penny, a cheque of two lac would be signed. Mehwish will you believe if I swear. I swear on you, ignored everything my father told me to follow. I had decided to take money, indeed that I will receive 2 lacs ony first deal. The surprise I was talking about at least ask what the surprise was. I was going to purchase the necklace which you like or maybe something better.


Should I sell my motorbike. So how will you get to work. That’s for me to worry about. There’s a bus that goes there. Leave it, if she asks me l’ll tell her that we’re not worthy to buy. Who will ask. I am taking about Anoshay. She came today so I told her that I’m going to buy that necklace. She thinks that if you want then I can wear anything I want.


Don’t give me false hope. And don’t think about selling your motor bike either. Its only worth 30,000. Do you remember the price of that necklace. Now I get it Mehwish, none of my father’s teachings brought any success for me. I’ve dealt with anti-corruption department as well and I don’t fear them either. Besides necklace, I’m also thinking about purchasing Monti’s car.

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