I’ve got freedom respectfully. Congratulation, sir. Mehwish says Danish I am not wearing black saree. Didn’t you become happy. I am happy, Mehwish. Shall I wear the suit of Maryam’s wedding. Its not that much old and the important thing is that Anooshay hasn’t seen it as of yet, I will say to her that its new. No, Mehwish. Why will you wear old suit, go to the market and buy a me one. I don’t have that much money.

Yesterday, I had to deposit some amount to open a bank account  they cannot be with draw. Money is not the problem, Mehwish. My cupboard key is in my blue coat, there is almost 35000 rupees, you may take all of them and if you feel hurt by me, then forgive me. You also forgive me. Danish says Mehwish you have got them. Now talk about the other stuff which I’ve found instead of money.

What you’ve found. My necklace, Danish. Why did you kept it in your cupboard from mine, from where you got the key. Its not that necklace, which you had bought. Its that necklace, which I had bought. When you brought this and eh you didn’t tell me. How I would have told you, I thought to give you a surprise even I came home early, but you were outside the house the whole day. When you came back, you threw your surprise on my face. I am sorry Danish. Now tell me, have you got the money. Yes, I’ve got them, now go to the market.

Shewar and Danish Talk:

Shewar says Mehwish your husband is very simple. Please come to my home someday, we will have meal together. Danish says sure, Shewar. How about tomorrow. What do you do, we will come some day. You at not considering me as your friend by heart, Danish. Its not like that, I considered you as a friend. If you considered me as friend then also consider my offer. Okay, we will come day after tomorrow.

Anooshay and Mehwish Talk:

Anooshay says Mehwish you both went in Mr. shewar’s car. Yes, they both became friends. Therefore, Danish could not refuse. Here we go. Till yesterday, it seem that he might hold his collar. It happens Anooshay, in the beginning we could not judge a person. After meeting we come to know that someone is like Mr. Shewar.

He is very nice man. He has accepted this, or its just you who is saying this. I said they became friends. He talks so funny, right. He smiles at all times. But internally he is very sad. Why, Anooshay. His wife, may God forgive us she is not a wife but a witch, they are separated since 5 years.

Mehwish and Shewar T alk:

Mehwish says hello, who is this. It means all people lie who say that my voice is not unforgettable, shewar speaking. Who gave my number to you. Did you mind, Mehwish. I asked Mr. Danish’s number from Anooshay, she gave your number by mistake. If you have mind it, then I’m sorry. No, actually I felt weird, Danish gave you his number, right. I did not remember to feed that.

Danish went to office. I thought he must be at home, anyways I talked to you by chance. May I ask something. Promise me, that you will not mind. Have you ever listened you voice. Are you people coming tomorrow. Yes, he told me. I invite with you full confidence, my heart was saying that you will come if I will invite you. Yes, we at coming. What you like to eat. I eat anything. How is tho possible.

The girl who is so selective in dressing, how she could be so casual in eating. It doesn’t seem that your husband’s salary is less by looking at you, or maybe you have a good dressing sense. Do you know I got so much changes in myself after meeting you. Now when I see mirror, I try to have a deep look on myself. Will you not ask the reason. Yes, tell me, Mr. Shewar. I heard, the couples are made in heavens.

But after meeting you, I think we say it for our self satisfaction. Otherwise God would not do this injustice. I could not understand. If a button made of diamond is being attached on shirt a of Rs. 400, button doesn’t protest. But a person who will see it, will protest for sure. Leave food on me, I have a good taste.

Muneer and Danish Talk:

Mr. Muneer says Danish once look at the front seat. Its money 5 plus 5 means 10. Say it clearly, one million. I’ve brought it for you. Danish says for me, Mr. Muneer. Yes, I heard that your wife wants a car. You know these casual talks happen in all homes. I also want that I have everything, but everyone can not get everything. Some gets car and some gets love. Why don’t you wear Serwani and jinnah cap.

What do you mean. May I tell you about the era, if you will not run wit that, it will leave you behind. It will not look back at you. Do one   thing, take the money with you, keep it with you for two days, then return to me. Instead of this call your wife right now. No, I won’t tell her. Why, if you are such an honest person, then why don’t you share everything to your wife. 

Look Mr. Muneer why are you forcing me, I will not take bribe. Who told you that I am giving you bribe. Then why you are giving me one million. Hiring amount, I was hiring you for a second job. How could I do a second job. its not possible. If I will work here from 8 to 4, then when I will come to you. Who said to come, do your work and get salary. And what will be the work. Don’t ask about work, ask about what would be your salary. How much, Mr. Muneer.

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