Shewar and Mehwish Talk:

Shewar says Mehwish we will go in the morning and will be back in evening. Then talk to your husband. Which talk. You are going with me, from now you will go with me, whenever I will go. What happened, Mehwish. Its not possible. What is not possible. He will not let me go to Islamabad, specially with you.

See its a foreign delegation and an important meeting, its necessary to go. I understand but I can’t go, if he will come to know, he will mad at me. Don’t talk about him, tell me your wish, tell me what is the will of your heart. Tell to Mr. Asim that I am going to Islamabad, meeting is canceled. One minute sir please, I swear I have no problem with you, but he became doubtful for me.

When he will come to know, he will create a panic. He will not come to know, we will go with the flight of 6 am and will come back at 8 pm. Tell him, you will come late on Monday, tell him that you have so much work in office. Even his angles will not come to know, if it is not possible then tell to Mr. Asim.

Mehwish and Danish Talk:

Mehwish says Danish was there any problem. I did face a problem but there was no need of other. Principal was asking about you, I said you did not get leave. Do you have a lot of work in office. I mean to say you had to talk with me on phone. Principal was saying that mothers usually are very emotional at this moment.

I was waiting for your phone, that you might call me and I would say to the principal that she is also very emotional. But you were busy. You know, I have been employed the secretary of board of directors. You are getting promotions in getting no time, is the salary also increased. Responsibilities are increased. Tomorrow I will be take the charge from previous secretary I will be late. How much late.

Nearly 9 or 10. It does not matter either it 9 to 10, I trust you Mehwish. Talk with me eye to eye. I am saying that what you want to listen. Do you know Mehwish, I am afraid of you, or you made me afraid. I think that it is useless to stop you, as you will not stop.That’s why I give you permission as I try to satisfy myself that all you are doing with my permission. I don’t have any problem please try to come early me and Roomi will be waiting for you.


Mehwish says hello, Shewar I am busy in my family. I can understand. Are you pissed with me. No, why should I be upset, I know you have a family, a husband and thousands of problems attached with your husband. I know you are not okay, but I have a solution. I am going with you. Are you sure. I said, please make sure we will land to Karachi till 9 pm. Of course we will land Karachi at 9 pm.

Don’t send the car in the morning, I will come by cab. I don’t want that driver may know that I went to the Airport from home. Don’t worry I will reach. Mr. Mateen says Danish I know, we are not friends. But it does not take time to be friends, I know you since four years, but I don’t know whether you have any friend. Let’s be friend. In sad moments a friend is like a father and I am also very elder then you.

I do not jab second woman in my life, neither I am performing my sorrow, I love my sorrow, I love my wife, even I did not feel need of any friend. I swear, I am not like you. Mehwish says Shewar, what happened. No one might think that it would be so heavy rain.

Tell me what happened. Flight is canceled. But we are going to air port, we will any available flight, do not worry. Let the rain to be stopped, we will be at Karachi by 8 pm. He will kill me. Who kill you, I am with you, no one can touch you I will break his hands.

Danish Talk:

Danish says is this Mr. Shewar’s home. May I talk with him, I am his friend. Boss went to Islamabad. When. By the flight of 9 am. When he will be back. He will be back tonight, he must be in the plane, the flight is late due to rain, he will come at 10 pm. Mehwish says Danish stop the bike, shall we talk here. What, Mehwish. Will you beat me  at home. I did go to Islamabad. You did go for office work. Yes, Danish. Then what is the problem.

I did not tell you. My fault, my talks made you scared. I am little bit possessive. That’s why I use to say sometimes very wrong. Obviously, when a person feels fear he tells lie, wife 100% speaks lie. I will say sorry when we will reach home and please do not be afraid, if you may go to Islamabad then you may tell me,  no problem.

Are you pissed. Yes, Mehwish. I am sorry. Its okay Mehwish. There was a foreign delegation, Shewar told me to go, I thought it will be a new experience. From tomorrow, you will not go to office, I will manage. How, Danish. danish says I will take bribe. I will give you one lac per month but you won’t go to office. I did not do any sin.

No Mehwish, do not say this, you did a sin, but I did not call that a sin. Just forget that, lets rewind our lives at least till that period where Shewar Ahmed was not in lives. He is a big man, he has so much money, he can buy even love  but I am more richer than him.

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