Mehwish and Danish Talk:

Mehwish says Danish she was a foolish woman. How we may know that reality. When we we in his eyes, it seems clearly the he is so alone, he misses her very much and she is enjoying in America. I said to him get married. Then what did he say. Nothing, just took it in a lighter mood he said, tell me if there is somebody like Mehwish, then I will get married. Then I came to know, that I speak truth. What trust do you speak. That I do not have a good job, a bog car, a big house and a bank balance like Shewar but I have Mehwish, I have you. Have you make your CV. No, Danish. I thought you might have made it. what will I do with CV. You will do job what else. Now go to his office, give your CV and get you appointment letter. Are you talking about Mr. Shewar.


Of course, I am talking about him you may go, the salary and the place are good and I have no problem. Where shall I leave Roomi. With Anooshay, Mehwish. Its only the problem for today, from tomorrow we will arrange some maid. Why are you looking like this. Are you happy. Don’t I seem to you. It seems, but if you get angry again then. I will never get angry again. Mehwish says Danish he gave a good job a car with driver. Only this, Mehwish. What do you mean by this. If God so much kindness with a woman, it seems good but if a man shows so much kindness to her then it does not look good. What you said. Are you feeling bad. I don’t know bit I am feeling very bad, I could not sleep whole night, I was looking at you. Do you know why.

I was seeing the you are so precious, even then a man is trying to purchase you by giving salary one lac and a car. Shut up Danish. It sound bad, you think I am doing doubts on you, but I swear you I am not doing doubt on you. I am scared, I don’t feel bad that  you may see dreams but someone may show dreams to you, I do not like it.

I am doing all this for Roomi, for his future. Till yesterday you were thinking that he is a nice man and his intention is not bad. But today, why are you thinking that he is trying to buy me by giving a car and job. My eyes got trust on him by not my heart do believe. You are jealous with me, after the job of 5 years you have a little salary and an old bike.

You at feeling bad for this, typical man mentally. Man always wants that a woman may survive on his kindness or may praise is him like God. My mama used to say that if a woman has doubt on a man, it makes laugh but when a man has doubt on a woman, it makes her cry. Shall I tell you the truth today I feel weeping on you.

Mehwish and Shewar Talk:

Mehwish says Shewar why you were so much angry, what happened and why you are smoking. I came to know about Mr. Mirza’s death early in the morning. Who Mr. Mirza. He was an old employee of company, he was the patient of lungs cancer. He has a need of 7 or 8 million go transplantation and they people we’re thinking  that either he has the entitlement or not. Hell with them.

When I got application, Mr. Mirza was taking his last breaths. You will not smoke the cigarette. This I the problem when you came from my room, it becomes empty. Lets go somewhere out. Where, Shewar. For lunch, Mehwish. Do you have fear that if someone might see us then he will think that we came for a date. Okay I will not have lunch, I can’t see you scared. One minute, why we will not have lunch.

I am going with you and I do not have fear of anyone. Your wife did not call you today. Yes she called but before that i heard the news of Mr. Mirza’s death so I did not receive the phone. Sometimes it seems that you are a small kid you become angry on small things and suddenly you become happy by having a lunch together. I am so happy, do Roomi get admission. Not yet, Shewar.

I will go tomorrow, also said to Danish to get a leave. Will you not come office tomorrow. Then talk to me, if I will call then it will be done. Someone has to go with him. You don’t go, say to Danish to get leave and go there, if there will be some problem then he may call me. If will not talk with you. What happens now. His eyes got trust on you but his heart did not.

Which type of man he is. Then he will create so much problems, he will do doubts. Someday he may say that don’t go office and if you will not come then what will I do. No need of to be worried, I will come By listening you and by seeing your kindness, he starts doubt but I will not ruin my job due to these stupid doubts.

Which kindness, Mehwish. I am talking about him Shewar, he thinks that the car and job given by you as your useless kindness. He thinks that I am not capable of all these things. Actually he is not capable of you, he does not know what he got. Don’t get upset, I will see. Shewar says Mehwish you did appointment as secretory to the board of directors. Have to go Islamabad. Is everything fine. Business trip, Mehwish. For how many days.

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