Mehwish and Anooshay Talk:

Mehwish says Anooshay you have given the surprise. Starting affair with Shewar, took divorce from Danish then you vanished how did you all this. It was written in the destiny. When you are not able answer, then you just say it was written in the destiny. What else is written in the destiny. I’m going marriage with him. So that poor guy didn’t cried he must have cried. And how he left you so easily. His life was in you. He just left me, he didn’t annoyed me much. And Roomi, where is he. He is with him. How could he sleep without you.

He is a kid, he won’t be knowing that mom can have and affair and she can leave the house too. Do you meet him. No, he doesn’t meet me, its good that I met you Anooshay. Please meet him he is in the boarding his hostel is nearby school he will meet you. Please make him understand. If this was the matter you could have said to me earlier. Danish has fed him against me, he doesn’t even wants to see my face. He takes care of you. Who. Shewar.


He takes a lot of care. He loves you truly. Annoshay he loves me so much. Do you know his wife. Yes, I just know this when he gets a call from her. So he gets upset after listening to it he even hates her call. He has been at this level after seeking financial help from her. However I have heard that by forgery he has transfered 12 lac shares on his name from his wife’s shares. Furthermore the house in which Shewar lives this is also on his wife’s name.

But he is mine and these are all rumors. She’ll come from America in some time, so everything will be decided and after the decisions divorce will happen. You have come for shopping. Yes, by the way can I ask you something. Don’t you pity Danish. Do you remember how he use to say proudly that I have got Mehwish so I have got everything. Tell me the truth were you with him ever.

He use to doubt a lot, Anooshay and I was really fed up of it. Now don’t say that he use to doubt on you and if he use to doubt you so that doubt was right though. Anyway good luck for your new marriage I suppose. Are you leaving. Yes. Won’t you come on the marriage.

I’ll come if you’ll invite me. We just met on the way and you remembered that I’m related to you so you just thought I shall ask her whether you’ll come or not. You should call me, request me, insist me then I’ll come for sure. You reach home I’ll call you and I’ll also insist you.

Hania and Roomi Talk:

Hania says Roomi show me your car. I’ll show you when the driver will come. So today I’ll talk to your papa. But if you’ll show me the girl then I’ll insist till next level. I don’t have her picture. Alright tell me where she is, what does she do. I won’t tell you that. Why, Roomi. Its a secret. Just think what if papa gets convinced and that girl didn’t then. I haven’t thought about that. Then talk to the girl first, if she’ll gets convinced then I’ll talk to papa else all my hard work will go in vain. 50 percent is in my hand. What.

That I’ll convince the girl. And what about the rest of the 50 percent. That’s the problem. Normally girls are committed or their engagement is already done. Committed means. Roomi, it means they like somebody or they have done promise to someone else. No, its not like that. Have you asked her. I have guessed from her discussions. How we get to know that the girl’s engagement is already done.

Because she wears a ring in her this ring finger. The way you are wearing. No, this is artificial, that ring is of gold or diamond. Why, have you seen a ring on her hand. No, she is also wearing an artificial one. Please don’t break promise and talk to papa. And if he said at once that I won’t get married. Tell him Roomi is very alone, he feels lonely when you are not at home also tell him that Roomi is friends to that girl, so he won’t even fight with her. And what if he said to me, who are you to say all this to me then.Then you disconnect the call and don’t talk to him.


Mehwish says Anooshay how do I look. Haven’t you seen. You tell me. I’m looking at you, from your sight. Then just believe, I look dashing. Maid says madam marriage preparations are done the priest and witnesses have arrived. Please come downstairs after 15 minutes. Shewar has come. Yes, he has come he is sitting with the priest. Alright then next time you’ll knock the so I’ll come.

Salman says Danish I have got a business proposal for you. Yes, tell me. Share membership with me 50, 50. I’ve got no experience of this work. But I have got an experience and I know in front of luck experience is nothing. So you think I’m very lucky. God is happy with you so you are lucky and here the priests of stock exchange says just joint those who are lucky don’t compete them. Let me think till Sunday. Sunday is day after tomorrow what you’ll think.

Please understand me not in a mood to talk about business today. What is it, is there any problem. Again today I feel like there is some problem my heart is sinking. Then let’s go to doctor. No man heart is not sinking in that way that I may die. Just got the last pain so my heart has got scared gain that’s it.

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