That I don’t know but she will go first at the same place for sure from where she came. Why. She has taken divorce from there. What she’ll get from there or else he is of that nature that he’ll keep  her again. Keep her or not keep her but one time for sure she’ll go there. Why This happens madam Maham. If a murderer gets bail without completion of full punishment so it goes to the same place once where it had done the murder. Shall I serve the food. No my heart is full today it feels my stomach is full.

Mehwish and Guard Talk:

Mahwish says where have they gone after selling the flat. Guard says that day also I told you that we don’t know. Please inquire about it. I want to meet my son. If you want you can take money from me take all these money these are ten then thousand rupees. No, madam I don’t want money. Please call him ask him he’ll tell you himself even if I get to know then even I won’t tell you. Now you go madam none of the people in the building knows about him. People only knows that you have moved to another city and he has gone after you that’s why please madam go. If this matter stays hidden than its fine.

Tania and Hania Talk:

Tania says Hania what are you doing. I was taking out the SIM cars. What’s the need of removing this. Just like that I thought again and again I have to talk to dad’s friends and have to tell them that dad is no more in this world. My heart feels pain take this keep it. What happened. Means. From past few days its Danish who calls on dad’s phone or else once there was Roomi’s call. So who’s calling again and again your heart aches. I am sleepy. I don’t remember that in the past one year you have ever slept AF 10:30 PM in the night. It just happened once that night you had fever doctor gave you sleeping pills. I have taken sleeping pills. Why.

Because I felt I will have fever that’s why. You are hiding something from me right. Is fever something to hide now go I am very sleepy. Shall I give you dad’s diary. Why. Read it once again before going to sleep and read what dad has written in the last pages.


Danish says salman I agree from tomorrow we are partners of 50, 50. Ayesha saya Danish this is your office. Look at this painting and guess who made it. You have made it. Yes, in two days I made it for you, you are like this from inside as well as from outside. I’m not that colorful though. You are like this its just that she has taken away your colors. So what you again make it colorful be colorful again.

Mehwish and Roomi Talk:

Mahwish says Roomi why don’t you meet me. Papa has forbidden you. No, I had told papa I won’t meet you. Look this is papa’s car. Driver uncle you go she is my mama. How are you mama. I’m good Roomi. Shall I go I’m getting late. Can I come here sometimes. No, my friends will ask  who is she. Then tell them she is my mama. I won’t tell them this then they’ll ask why she meets you at the school’s gate.

Give me your phone number. I’ll talk to you on phone. Don’t you miss me. I do miss you, mama. Don’t you wish to meet me. I do wish. Then why you said I’ll talk to you on phone. I’m getting late mama. Roomi you have got so changed. Can I come to meet you once in a week.

Week passes so quickly once in a month alright. Driver says Danish sir there was woman on the school gate, as soon as she saw Roomi, she hugged him. She kissed him on his forehead and was crying also. Roomi said to me you go she is my mama. Is she his real mother. Yes.

Hania and Roomi Talk:

Hania says Roomi. Yes teacher. What are you doing here. I was reading and fall asleep. Do you know you have missed a class. I’m sorry. Are you upset, you are worried. Yes. But you met your mama too in the morning still you are upset. What happened is there any problem. She says she loves me much. So what’s wrong in this, mama always loves right. Not always teacher she takes leaves of 4 months more than my summer holidays.

You know actually at that time some problem was going on. There are some days of holidays when there is a problem between mama and baba. Problem is still there mama just met but she didn’t met papa. Yes it is a problem. You know she was crying a lot and she didn’t came on her car as well.

Are you sure. Yes teacher she went back on a rickshaw. How is that possible. Papa says she has got so much money she always use to come by car on a long car that’s why papa bought a big car. Its time for a class of mine I’m leaving now alright.

Shewar and Mehwish Talk:

Shewar says Mehwish why have you come here. Go back to your husband, if my wife will get to know that you have come here to meet me she will get me hanged to death get lost. I’m not getting any bail haven’t you told your name to anyone, here. I made them write the name, Mehwish.

Go back get your name canceled, tell them my name is not Mehwish its Anooshay get lost now. We have some good moments together pleas do me this favor. Who are you, Shewar Ahmed. Who am I, who do I seem to you. Am I looking Danish. Brother who is she take her I don’t know her. Why you are here to meet me, go from here.

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