Half million per month and this one million is advance, to buy the car from company’s side. Danish says Mehwish Mr. Muneer gave it one million. Who Mr. Muneer, Danish. He is a big contractor, said that I am hiring you for a new job. Its signing amount one million, then tomorrow we will go on our own car.

Danish and Mehwish Talk:

Danish says he was lying Mehwish, its bribe amount. In return I have to do signature on his  illegal work. Then do it Danish, what is the problem with your father. This is the problem of my father, Mehwish dad will think that I hit my foot on his grave. Your father is dead now, Danish even if you hit a bomb or a feet, he will feel nothing. How you are talking. Then why you brought this money to home, to tease me or to show me. To check my honesty, Mehwish.


Mr. Muneer thinks that if I will keep it for two days then I will change my mind. But I am scares Mehwish, if I will keep this money  at home then how I will sleep. Fine then, stay awake. Listen to me, why are you so angry. You will not return this money, Danish. If God has blessed us then thank to him. Keep them in cupboard and sleep. Shall I take bribe. Its not bribe Danish, this is the reward of your hard work and honesty. Whole day you work a lot, spend your whole time on that cheap bike and tolerate Monti.

Do you remember, that day when your bike was not starting. Roomi is 4 years old, still he does not go school. If we may save amount for his admission, it gets spend somewhere else. You have 3 or 4 pants, and 4 to 6 shirts. I am thinking that what you will wear at dinner tomorrow. Show me once, Danish. What, Mehwish. One million. I can’t believe it, Danish. I am also believing  Mehwish, my head is dizzy. Danish, sleep for sometime and relax.

I am not feeling sleepy. Are you suffering from Papa’s problem. No, I am trying to forget papa, he is dead. Now its okay, wherever he may live, stay happy home doesn’t run in this few amount. If he will come in my dreams then I will say, if our little dreams aren’t fulfilled then it seems someone has hit us by a feet on our back that’s why, I am sorry papa.

Sir and Danish Talk:

Sir says Danish its 9:15 and you do not reach office yet. Sorry sir, it was a mistake in setting of alarm, so that’s why I am late I will reach by half an hour. Nothing about half an hour, you may take one hour but do sign on Mr. Muneer’s file, as soon as you reach. Which file, sir. Whichever file peon will put on your table sign them, that’s all. Sorry sir, but which file. The road of GHALiB round about, its the completion  file of the projeect.

Sir, I am standing on the same road. May I send file there. Not at all sir, I am saying that this road is not completed yet, see here is a dig near my feet. Means, the work is not even started yet. Mr. Danish what are you saying, if road would be completed then what could  have happen. What could have happened, sir.

They get broken even after getting done. Mr. Muneer said that if he may get contract again then he will make this road truly. Will you reach till 10 am. Yes, sir. I am sitting at the office till 10 am, after that I have to go for a meeting.

Shewar and Mehwish Talk:

Shewar says Mehwish what you do at home. I mean, I think what you must be doing. Nothing, Roomi’s work and some domestic works. Did you not appoint a maid for Roomi, you also do domestic work yourself. Now I will not do, I am thinking to get a maid. Mr. Danish must have become angry by listening to this. After listening what.

That I use to talk to you on phone. But I’ve got one request, either he may become angry, but you will not stop me to call you. I have no bad intentions. Your voice is so good, also your face is very pretty so I become happy by listening your voice. Just understand that I forget that what had happened with me. What had happened. See, it slipped from my tongue but sorry, I do not like sympathies.

Tell me what had happened. Will tell you at the dinner. No, tell on the phone, Danish will be also there  at the dinner, don’t know how he will feel after listening. He will not be there at that time. Then its your misunderstanding, he won’t go anywhere after leaving me with you. Leave it on me.


Danish says I will not sign. This completion certificate, sir and I will manage in this job. Sir says come here, put this money in the cupboard. I am really proud of you. Thank you, sir. Mehwish, I was returned one million. Listen to me, Mehwish in return he wanted the completion certificate of that road which is not made as of yet.

If I would have done his job, then don’t know I might have a sign a lot of such certificates. Look, I will not do this, Mehwish I cannot do this. I will eat a little less, I can stay hungry but I will not eat human’s flash and which thing I do not have. I get salary for spending. I have a small flat, and a cute child.

I have a deep world, I have you and you are enough for me. Danish says shewar where is your Mrs. Everyone does not have Mrs with him. Although I have everything, but my Mrs is not with me.

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