Danish and Mehwish Talk:

Danish says Mehwish I cannot sale love. It cannot go like this. Like what, Mehwish. I cannot live like this that my eyes could not raise in front of you. No, if you will not raise your eyes then my head will remain down. Raise your eyes so that I can talk a raised head. Do you know what Roomi was saying while going to school. The way saying that you both have a fight with each other. I said no.

When did you she that we doing are fighting. Do you know what he said. He said if you don’t fight it means you are angry with each other. When he will come back from school, we will do fight, he will be happy. Why did you not go office. Just for nothing, Mr. Mateen the in-charge of our office he notice me. What does he notice. She I get headache or feel drowsy he ask me what is the problem. He begins to tell the stories how he did cheat. He did cheat his wife, but I said that Mr. Mateen I am not like you.

Mehwish and Shewar Talk:

Mehwish says Shewar have you seen, same is happened. What happened. I was scared of this, if he will come to know, he may close am the gates to exit from the house. Will you ever afraid like this. Then what shall I do. Do what you did say me after knowing the door. The whole scene is pictured in my eyes as l saw him at airport. How he came to know that I will meet at airport. And that exact time I will reach there.

It had to happen one day. The one day came so fast, when I see him I feel pity on him. Its simple, you don’t feel pity on yourself. Send your resign with him, I can change your thinking but I cannot change your luck. Why are you saying like this. Then what I shall do, you don’t feel pity on me neither on your own-self but you feel pity on that man who want to hide the beauty of the world in a Cheap flat.

What may I think. Come to my office. Its not possible, in evening he will force  me to write resign and next day he will give it to you with 5 lacs. Its good, no one will say me that do not smoke. What may I do, I am helpless so I may take you with me or I may say to your husband the take my everything and give me my Mehwish. If he will ask for everything then will you give. I swear you, I will give. Do you know how I am feeling, I am restless since morning. I am feeling anger, and smoking. You will not smoke at all. I think he came, bye.


Roomi says papa is it any problem, why you are not talking. No, not at all then say Something, now you are not saying that Mehwish you stunning so much. Now I will never say. Mehwish says Danish did you not see he made a friendship with guard. Don’t be angry Mehwish. Its not a small thing, keep him in control, I did not feel good.

Stop it Mehwish, at the night he was with him, at that night we both were not in senses. I did not have a bad intention. I just said then later realized that its not right to say like this. Don’t know for how many years it will go like this. Please try to understand the meaning of it, we did forget Roomi at that night. I did not forget. But I did forget, due to the sorrow of your leaving I did forget. Have you seen you said the same again. Stop it Mehwish, if a matter was happened, then it will be discussed for few days and don’t only listen also see the intention of the person who is saying it. What was your intention of the person who is saying it.

Danish Talk:

What was your intention, as I came back you decided that I will not go to office, then what is your intention. You will not go to office, whenever may happen. Will you tie me with a picked. Which picked, Mehwish. We love each other, we got married, we have a son, these at relations Mehwish. You will go office and Roomi will go to school, what will i do. I feel so bad in this cheap flat. Its not flat, its our home. Whatever but I will go office from tomorrow. You will not go to office, don’t ever think this again. Otherwise you will raise your hand on me. How are you talking, did I ever beat you. See your eyes, it seems that you will eat me, and when you see me it seems you will slap me. No Mehwish I will never do this, you are uselessly doing arguments.

You did a small mistake you started to think yourself as a sinner, you are not a sinner. Then fine, I want to go office. I said you will not go to office, that Shewar Ahmed is such a scoundrel. Don’t abuse anyone. Don’t look anyone, look at me, I am your husband. Am I looking someone. How are you talking about, what happened to you. May I tell you Danish, we cannot live together. Again same anger, I will talk in the morning. In the morning I will say the same that we cannot live together. Crazy girl, I cannot live without you. Mehwish says Shewar I am not understanding anything, when I remain with you, I do not like to go home and when i am at home I feel my hopes loosing. He will not allow me to go office. You have decide now. Which decision. With whom you will live, with me or with him.

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