Tell her not to come to my school ever I won’t meet her ever. Mehwish says are you crazy. My son will say, that he doesn’t wants to meet his mama, impossible. Take me to him right now. First of all you’ll not address me by saying you and secondly whatever your son has said to me I have told you and being his teacher. I cannot force him. Who the hell are you. A responsible teacher. So, all of you are unloved with Danish Akhter. I will see all of you. Madam says you won’t be allowed to meet me, with this kind of attitude. Next time school guard won’t allow you to enter in the school have you understand.

Why are you worried, Hania. Don’t you pity on such type of a woman who will shout and tell his son that I’m your mother. Understand that, from here the punishment starts for breaking  up the family.

Danish and Hania Talk:

Hania says Mr. Danish I was worried since afternoon I was thinking to tell you or not. Tell me, if there is any problem. There is a problem, Mr. Danish your ex-wife is a problem. What happened. She came today to school, to meet Roomi and she wanted to take Roomi along with her after school gets off. But madam refused her so, she got furious then she got convinced that she will just meet Roomi but Roomi did not get convinced.

He did not get convinced. He didn’t meet her. Yes, Mr. Danish. But, this is not right. Mehwish is his mother, he should have met her. Mr. Danish, I have called to inquire about this that Roomi will decide to meet his mother himself or his mother’s husband. Means. Mr. Danish it is very clear if he doesn’t wants to meet, then he shouldn’t be forced. I have talked to his hostel’s warden just a while ago. He is been sleeping since 5’o clock from the evening.

Do you know why such kids sleeps so early. Why do they sleep. Because they fear they want to forget that nothing such has happened. Whatever he does, Ms. Hania he has to meet his mother. Alright then I will not tan the responsibility of his next progress report. Your son will keep fearing and a scared child never performing well.

Shewar and Danish Talk:

Shewar says Danish what is all this non-sense. Why are you getting yourself into trouble. Who. So, you even don’t know who you are talking to. Mr. Shewar. Tell me, what do you want. What, do I need. Stop pretending all this. Tell me, how much amount shall I give you. So, that you stop doing all this non-sense. What have I  done.

Why don’t you let Mehwish meet his son. No, Mr. Shewar I swear by God I haven’t stooped him. I just go to know that she went there to meet him and he has refused to meet him. Danish says I have said to school management that he has not done right. I am giving you 2 days time both of them should meet on the 3rd day else my lawyers will snatch your clothes.

Father and Roomi Talk:

Father says Roomi I’ve sold the flat also I have resigned from the job. I will start my business and this business is a full time job have to work a lot in the beginning if you keep stubborn and don’t meet your mama then both of them will think that I have taught you this. I’ve asked you not to meet her. Who both of them. Your mama and her husband.

Look at me I know you won’t like that man you don’t want to meet him. But Roomi you have to do this for your mama.  I don’t want to meet my mother. You are being stubborn without any reason. They are very influential people and they have a lot of money. Tomorrow if they goes to court then. What happened in the court, papa.

Nothing, yesterday I met my lawyer I had a word with him he has said that. I won’t be able to fight against them so, I’ll loose. Do you fear them. I don’t fear them. Of they’ll come in front of me I’ll say you are a dirty man. Don’t be stubborn Please Roomi you don’t understand how influential and powerful he is. He has given me 2 days time.

If she comes then meet her if she takes you then go with her. She won’t be coming daily though. Why are you laughing. You are not my strength papa, you are my weakness. Its time for my class give me a hug. I love you papa, and whatever you will say I will do.

Danish and Hania Talk:

Danish says Miss Hania have I disturbed you. No, please say what is it. Yesterday you had said in anger that you can’t take Roomi’s responsibility. So, I got very upset. But now you know  I’ve decided that I will become a brave man. After becoming brave, what you’ll do. I will say to Roomi don’t meet you mother if ever I force you to. If he wants he can meet, if he doesn’t wants he shall not.

When you’ll say this to Roomi. I had called Roomi his warden told me he just got awake and has gone to freshen up. I’ll call him again, as soon your call gets over. I’m disconnecting the call. No, one minute since, I have accepted what both of you has said then you also, get over from your anger. Means. Say that I’m taking Roomi’s responsibility. So, will you take Roomi’s responsibility. Of course, I will. Thank you much.

Tania and Hania Talk:

Tania says Hania why he calls you a lot. Because he is father’s friend. I got to know this from father’s dairy and father use to love him so much. Some days ago, it is revealed that I’m his son’s teacher. But I feel the matter is different. There is no other matter. I’ve checked. How. He doesn’t even looks at me even at that time when he can look at me safely and if he looks his eyes are blank.

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