Danish says Mehwish You sit, I will be doing all this now. So I shall start now. What is this. These are divorce papers you can check them. Now put them in your bag quickly. He will be arriving anytime. Danish says Shewar come sit. Let me bring tea for you. Mehwish says let me make it. No, you do not make I don’t want to drink tea that is made by you. Do you know Mr. Shewar when I was in love with her and she was in love with me.

Then my height was 6 feet, there was some arrogance. Actually, when one’s wife is faithful that man walks with a pride. But Mr. Shewar my height has reduced for many days, I feel like now, I am tiny as a mouse. I will get trampled under someone’s feet. This relationship of a man and a woman is very weird. If she gazes intently, it gives the feeling of lord and if she starts ignoring, the feeling is of detachment from lord.


I can feel your pain Mr. Danish. But time has changed now this happens. Women usually realize that their previous love was a false decision, after stepping into marriage. At that time, we men should help them. They should let them go honorably, the way you have done. I am letting her go, I have divorced her. That’s great. Do not say this Mr. Shewar. I will feel like great is some worthless word that we can use anywhere.

It is not great, to steal someone’s lifetime belonging from one’s house’s rubble. Mehwish says I am going inside the room. Danish says how can you go inside the room. I have handed you the documents that sets you free from that room. You cannot go there. So what was I saying Mr. Shewar. I don’t know you were saying something.

Yes, you were saying, men should help those women who wants to get free from their first love or those who realize later, that at first, it was a mistake. Then remember Mr. Shewar I have already done help. Also the luggage has been packed. These are the bags, now there is  nothing of her, expect Roomi. I would be great, if you had the tea Mr. Shewar. No, thank you.

You will also not drink. No, Danish. Then go, why are you standing here. Come let me show you the door. Come Mr. Shewar, how does it matter, if its 9 am or 2 am. You seem to be a very intelligent businessman. But here you have surprised me while dealing. You were offering me 50 million for that low class woman.

Danish and Mr. Mateen Talk:

Danish says Mr. Mateen at first, I use to cuss her daily. Then if I get to see her picture or anything associated to her. Then I use to ask. I don’t ask anymore. One day he said to me, himself get me admission into boarding, papa. When I will grow up, then I’ll come to you. That day, in realized that he is grown up. Have you seen your condition. That’s what I’m thinking mourning for some months is enough and I shall change my condition. You, please help me.

Do you want money. Yes. How much. Anywhere between 200 million to 250 million million or maybe more than that not loan, but personal. What will you do of this much amount. I’m thinking what I’ll do then, if I will not get this much money. Mr. Mateen, I want to become a businessman. I want to buy everything that I like friendship, loyalty, love everything sells. I will buy everything. You are angry. No, I’m in my senses. While going she woke me up from my sleep.

I swear Mr. Mateen when she was leaving, I was not angry on her at all but I was angry on Shewar. If he is truly in love with her then talk to that girl. Who talks about loyalty then, should be loyal herself. Woman, by nature is not unfaithful and the ones who are unfaithful are not women in nature you can try. This world is not because of good men but it is because of good woman you just move ahead. You will find someone. Who will tell you, that because of her world goes on.


Madam says Mr. Danish this is your son’s progress report. Exams, average marks, 42 percent. Attitude does not co- operate. Games, sports does not participate, student interaction zero. May I come in. Come miss Hina. She is miss hina, Roomi’s class in charge and he is Roomi’s father. Yes, I’m his father. First of all you tell me that why did you admitted him to boarding.

Because he suggested himself. God, he suggested to you and you agreed. How many kids you have. Its just Roomi only. He suggested you and you admitted him in the boarding. I think I was wrong. And I think he cannot survive in this school. Look sir, I think. He has a problem. Madam says if we talk he makes a face in recess he sits alone and homework always incomplete.

If question is done, he doesn’t answers. If he will answer, he will think first. He just think only doesn’t answers. Please give him just one chance only. Because of him other students of the class are also getting affected. Furthermore, some of them told me, that they are afraid of him.

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