Father and Roomi Talk:

You have become so naughty. What is it now. I’m just looking you are looking handsome dashing. Shall I tell you the truth, if I was little grown up, I would have married to her. Shut up, Roomi. Angry. Yes. Papa says Roomi alright sorry. What happened to you. Something has happened, else no one gets hurt.

Shewar and Mehwish Talk:

Mehwish says tell me Shewar, it seems you have fallen face long. Tell me Shewary heart sinking. First of all you decide that for whom else does your heart sinks. Tell me, what has happened. I have fallen face long, while doing reconciliation between you and your son. You had a fight. Who will had a fight with me. That scoundrel, suddenly attacked me. I wasn’t accepting this anyways I’m not much hurt. It just bled a little give me water.

What about Roomi if I tell you the truth I feel pity on my condition. The girl who was dying for me, till yesterday she is yearning today, by missing her son. Can I know where do I stand. He will not meet you. I had a word with the lawyer. Till the time, Roomi doesn’t want to meet you, you people can’t meet and please you also have some control on your motherhood. Because of you, I can’t have meeting with that low-class man again and again Means what of he grabs my collar then say what will be my respect then. So, after 2 days this is his answer.

He scared you away to the chairman of Shewar chemicals. He fought and went away. So what shall I do. Shall I go to him along with the police. Shewar has come to fight with a rowdy. If I wish he wouldn’t be found till morning. I’m quiet just because of you. When have I said to stay quiet for me. If something happened to that scoundrel  the first doubt will be on you. Police will say clearly this girl murdered him, along with his lover and if media gets such kind of news. Then, they will exaggerate it to the extent that trump will also get to know.


You son is also enmeshed in his trap he taught his son, not to meet his mama. We would also be angry a bit. He would have said alright, I won’t meet her. what are you looking at. Try to understand such things happen in such situations. But you have said that it is MY threat and your threat means something. You will get him murdered by me. Alright, let me do something he will bring along his son to you. I can’t even meet anyone, in this condition. What will I say my lover’sex-husband has beaten me.

Sounds so cheap. Please stop it. Because of you a low-class man has raised his hand on me. Because of your son, I didn’t take any action against him and if you’ll stay angry with me. Where will I go. If you are so helpless, being Shewar Ahmed then tell me, where shall I go. Helpless means. I had thought that he would have got scared after listening to your threat. Being scared he would have got Roomi to meet me and he will respect me and say keep him with you and you have got your nose fractured, by him. You will get him  murdered by me.

Meet Roomi:

I want to meet Roomi for that even if you do anything. What are you thinking. I’m thinking wrong. You talk to him man him understand he has got the lenience because of you or your son else a person gets murdered I Karachi in just thirty thousand only. Say that I’m his mother its my right to meet him. Just stop this poor people’s attitude else he will be found in some sack. What are you saying.

If you wish meet your son, then request him for you I’ll also bow down. I shall go to meet him. Yes, go. Till then I’ll get free from office issues too then see what I’ll do with him. What are you looking at. Your gaze seems, it is cowardliness in making  a request so what no problem its alright just for you. I just want to see you happy. But one thing is for sure, Mehwish I will not spare him. Did you talk to papa. Talk about what. You were saying that I’ll talk to papa to get married. That I’ll do but first of all show me the girl. Teacher trust me she is super cute.

Hania and Roomi Talk:

Miss Hania says Roomi so, when is your meeting with your mama. I know right now, you don’t feel like meeting her but eventually you have to meer her. She is your mother, right. She loves you so much. I’ve seen in her eyes. I also love her so much have you not seen that. My papa also loves her so much, that also you didn’t see. You haven’t seen anything. Alright then let’s talk about something else. what.

You know papa had called and he was saying, that he has become very brave. He surprised me yesterday. You know that bad man, my mama’s husband. My Papa had beaten him he use to threat my Papa a lot. Don’t you like it. I really liked it. Previously, three of us lives in one house and now 3 different houses it am happened because of that bad uncle. This all happened because of your mama. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I know you are right.

No, I just said like that. Lets talk about something else. You get your father married yesterday I said to this to him. So he said shut up. He says shut up once in a year when he is very angry. But, where did you get this idea from. Just like that  I’ve seen a girl for him she looks so good with him. He has also seen her by face. But he didn’t get convinced he scolded me. Who is that girl. I know her. Is she very beautiful. Very much. So, why didn’t he get convinced. Teacher because his heart has shattered. He won’t get married now. Shall I talk to you papa. Why are you laughing.

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