Danish says madam he is my son. Look, I know he is very intelligent. He is disturbed due to his mother’s absence, that’s why he is giving this kind of performance. I will meet him today, will talk to him, if he did promise then see hell be fine. His results will improve as well. Its okay Mr. Danish we understand take your time. Thank you so much.

Roomi and Father Talk:

Father says Roomi your principal called me today. I know, papa. And that your class teacher she said that you cannot survive in this school. I have seen your report. Exam’s percentage only 42. Attitude not satisfactory, debates you don’t participate, interaction zero. You don’t talk with anyone. Roomi you don’t give answers to questions. You know my pain is greater than yours. If mother leaves and go she will remain mother. If wife leave and go she doesn’t remains wife. But still I go to work daily and do work properly. I cook food upon returning and what you are coward. You barely got hurt and you already accepted defeat. You did not even think that when papa will be called in school, he will get insulted.


So tell me you cannot survive. I got very angry after listening this and I said to your teacher in anger that my son is very intelligent. Give him one chance. You give him a chance we’ll give you results. Did I say something wrong. No problem to save TB respect, it is very important to say something and you know inc I also cried yearning. Then I felt, I am coward but then I thought I’ve got Roomi.


Roomi is my strength but you know, you are my weakness. Come and give me a hug. Don’t take any of my conversation to your heart. We’ll study in some other school. Now go, your class is about to start. I will come on Saturday to pick you up. Listen papa, Roomi is not your weakness, Roomi is your strength. Now, you never cry papa. Mama doesn’t remains mama, if she leaves.

Danish and Mr. Mateen Talk:

Mr. Mateen says Danish look in this envelope what’s inside. What is it. Mr. Danish you are promoted. You have come into 17th grade my the grace of God. At least get happy fully. I’m happy. Then distribute sweets get them quickly. His progress report is not good means very bad also teacher has said that he is not normal. I met him had a talked with him. He has promised me while returning.


Mr. Danish, you have got promoted. So what will happen because of this Mr. Mateen. Means I’m happy. I’ve got promoted. But his teacher has said that he cannot survive in the school.  Are you buying something. No, I’m selling something. What, Danish. My flat. But you use to say. I use to say a lot Mr. Mateen but what happens, if a person like me say anything. Why are you selling the flat. After meeting you at night I keep on thinking. I remembered someone’s saying.


That in business, just first lac is very important. But that lac thing has got old now. That’s why I felt, that first million is very important. So I thought to make first million by selling the flat. But that guy is just giving 70 lac only. Are you doing business. I had told you. But Mr. Danish business cannot be done along with the job. Then I won’t do job. Mr. Danish you have just got promoted today. And you are saying that you are getting emotional, Mr. Mateen. What do you think. If I will not do job, I’ll not live don’t get worried. I will live. But I’ll die if I won’t get 20 million to 25 million.

Shewar and Mehwish Talk:

Mehwish You are such an amazing partner. Shewar why aren’t we getting married. I also want to call you hubby. Why are you laughing. Are you done with love. What are you talking about. I’ve just got to know what love is. Tell me, when are we getting married. Can I ask you one think. Why so we want to live together after getting married.


Why we cannot live, by doing love. You are joking. No, I’m not joking. Its a million dollar question. We have been together for so many months. We roam around whole Europe but never felt like to stay in love it is important to get married. Did you find any lack in my love. Tell me have you ever got over me. That’s alright. If it’s alright then what if’s and  but’s. Why do you link like lower middle class girls. Who prays to get married to be in love. When I’ll feel that it is important to get married then we’ll and divorce happens in marriage in love divorce cannot happen.


Danish says Mr. Mateen sorry I got late a bit. Its okay about that has your anger got over. Where did I get angry. That day you were talking about leaving the job, so I got afraid. I didn’t get afraid flat matter is also done. First dealer was doing fraud with me second dealer  got me 80 lac. You have sold the flat. No, not yet after 10 days I’ll get advance tomorrow, then I will resign after 10 days. Mr. Danish just think once more. Mr. Mateen, before I use to think a lot. But now I feel, of I think more, then it gets angry. It wants that a man just keep on working.

Sell Flat:

Where you’ll live if you sell your flat. In a rental apartment. And what work you’ll do. Work, that I’ll think once I get the money. Can I suggest you one think. That’s why I come to you. Don’t resign till your work gets flourish. You have become old Mr. Mateen a coward. If a work is done by thinking that it’ll not work out, then it’ll never work out. And if I’ll do injustice with the job then I will earn the forbidden.

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