Hania and Tania Talk:

Hania says Tania can I tell you one truth. I have experienced a very big loss, because of Mr. Danish and may be you’ll also experience this loss. I believe now that men are also of these type. Now, I’ll keep on searching for this kind of man. What is the need for searching. He is in front of you make him alive, by touching him. Shut up. Promise me if he says to you himself then accept it. But don’t ever say that I pity on you.

Salman and Mehwish Talk:

Salman says Danish do you know at what price, Shewar Chemicals has closed. Don’t tell me now I’ll ask you on Monday. Man, are you crazy. If I’ll say that I’m crazy will you accept it. Shall I tell you the truth. When everyone is taking away everything from you then get happy. Just understand that God is about to give you everything. Alright then come for the dinner tomorrow at my place. When Ayesha got yo know about your divorce she was crying a lot she wants to meet you.

She has also learnt to cook food. Alright I’ll visit you tomorrow then but tell her don’t show me how she cries. I saw Mehwish today she is very happy. If she is very happy after taking divorce  then why are we crying. Salman says Danish the price of the share has become Rs. 52.2. Sell 100,000 shares. Only 100,000 shares. Presently I’m selling them at loss sell them quickly and send the money here. I’m buying a car. Okay, Danish.


Roomi says papa where is the luggage. Luggage is in the car. Which car, papa. What can you see. You have brought a car, papa. Whose car is this. Yours. Good joke papa. Its not a joke this is your car Roomi. Really, it is good. Where are we going. We are going to the house. Have you bought this house, papa. No, I’ve taken it on rent. It is so big. It is not big Roomi. You have come out of the flat for the first time that’s why you are thinking like that. Come, let me show you your room its upstairs. Papa, is this my room.

Yes. Have we also become rich. Yes, Roomi. How. Bad question just check what’s in that drawer that pink one. Papa phone, for me. Yes. It must be very costly. Since you have talked it so it has become expensive. I hope its not a dream. Its not. Salman says Danish where are you. Salman I totally forgot actually today I’m with my son I kept this day for him. I bought him from the hostel showed him the house and now we are having dinner together. I’m sorry I’ll come on Sunday. Alright its fine but bring your son along on Sunday. I will come along with him.

Father and Roomi Talk:

Roomi says papa have we become very rich. Don’t you see him in your dreams. Who. Grand father. He does. He doesn’t scold you. Why will he scold. Just like that. Previously he use to scold. Do you think your father has earned the money by wrong means. I had sold the flat of 80 lacs. danish says I invested 78 lacs. I have  got much profit on that more than 3.5 crores at least. In very less days. Yes, in very less days. When he comes on giving he gives in some minutes only. You mean God. My teacher says when God is happy with you he doesn’t let sorrows come near to you. Yes, she is right. Won’t you ask teacher’s name. What’s her name. Ms. Hania.

Roomi and Hania Talk:

Roomi says hello teacher. You haven’t slept till now. No, I’m not sleepy now and from whose phone you are calling. From my phone. If warden gets to know, she’ll punish you. Its not funny, Roomi. I swear its a joke teacher. I have came to my home, now. Papa has given me a phone. How did this happen. We have become rich, teacher extra rich. Papa has bought a car, a big car black in color. Have you bought the house as well. Yes, the house is also big. Your papa has won any jackpot. Yes, he looks so change. Good for you. But not good for papa. Why, Roomi.

Don’t know why he keeps doing calculations every time. You know he sat to make me sleep but he couldn’t make me sleep that’s why I’m awake till now. Roomi its time to sleep now. Alright teacher I’ll sleep in a while. You know you are the first to whom I’ve called from my phone. So sweet of you. You also call papa. For what. Just talk about that girl’s matter I told you remember. Yes. Then ask papa to meet her once at least see her.


I had a word with him he changed the topic at once. Then insist him. Come on Roomi to stand still on such matter is very difficult and I’m not friends to him that I’ll hold him from ears and will say go and see the girl. You know you have got girl’s problem. What. Do friendship with him. You are small Roomi, you don’t know  what you are saying now. I don’t know why I feel like papa will get very rich then we won’t be able to catch him. He won’t do that your papa is a good man. 

Understand what I’m saying teacher. If he start liking another girl so  it won’t be good. You pray for him that he starts liking any girl then you’ll see everything will be alright. That day what were you saying in the class. What was I saying. Effort needs to be done as well. Yes, so. I’m doing efforts also. That’s good keep it up. And you also said help others. I said this. So won’t you help me. Roomi I’m sleepy. If someone will seek help from me, I’ll also reply I’m sleepy. Good night teacher. Roomi I’ll talk to him. Thank you teacher.

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