Salman and Danish Talk:

Salman says Danish my brother just wait for next 2 hours. This share will drop in the face value. It won’t come tell him it to wait just buy them. Mustafa buy 7 lacs shares. I’m saying just buy. How much amount. Don’t look just tell me the amount. 7.74 million rupees. And your commission. Shut up Danish. This is cash cheque. What has happened to you. Why you left the job. I thought everyone is making money. So, have I gone crazy. And this who gave you the suggestion for Shewar Chemicals.

So, where I do breakfast in the morning. At that cafe somebody was talking. I believed after listening to their discussion. Did you take Mehwish’s opinion. I don’t take Mehwish’s opinion anymore. When did this happen. Since the time she took divorce from me. What non-sense you are telling. Where is she. With someone else. Alright, I’m leaving. What are you saying with whom. With the owner of Shewar Chemicals. She is getting married to him.

Ayesha Come:

Ayesha says today  the priest of our university is here. How are you and how is your princess. Ayesha I’ve to go somewhere. Where do you have to go come, sit here. Let him go don’t stop him today. We’ll meet later. What has happened to him. What shouldn’t have happened. Divorce happened between both of them. Between Mehwish and Danish I don’t believe you. She is getting married to the owner of Shewar Chemicals. Salman says Danish it has come to Rs. 10.30. There is still time just bare a little loss, and leave. How much time is left for the market to close. 2 hours.

Then ask from me at the closing that what’s the price for share. Salman says Danish tell me the truth who told you that the share price will increase. Remember I told you some people were talking at the cafe. Why, what happened. Rs. 2.50 sell the Danish just sell it now. Who has given you the membership. When a share goes up you say sell it when the what goes down you say sell it. Just wait and watch what will happen next. I will sell after 8 days.

Hania and Danish Talk:

Hania says Mr. Danish you here. You are also here. What are you doing here. I came here to have dinner. But you use to have dinner at the cafe. This is a good change Mr. Danish. Are you on a date. Sorry I get a bit personal to you, because of my dad I hope you haven’t mind. No, I’m not on a date. Just like this, I wished to have dinner at a good place. You tell me is everything alright. Roomi is fine. Absolutely fine. He was saying to me, to tell papa yo get married.


What would you like to have in dinner. No I’m here with my friends I won’t have anything. When I saw you today, I thought you’ll be caught today red handed. You don’t even listen anything about marriage at all. You know Roomi has already chosen a girl for you he says she is very cute. He says she looks so fit with you. Since when you are smiling like this. Do you know what’s the meaning of this sort of smile. That whatever the person is saying sitting in front of you he is saying rubbish. No, its not the matter.

Then get married. I won’t get married. He also says the same that papa won’t get married alright then at least just see her for once may be you’ll fall for her. Please don’t go from here. No, I was jut my friend. Just for some time. We did love marriage famous kind of love marriage. Look now if its love or marriage both of it is ruined. What are these love and marriage. Means if it is love or marriage can be done with anyone. Now my heartbeat is fine, I’m okay now. You can go, please and have fun with your friends.

Hania and Tania Talk:

Tania says Hania why he left he didn’t even the dinner. His heartbeat had increased and he was sweating. So, he should have gone to the doctor then. He should have only left from there. Why. Because Mehwish was there in front of him with her new boyfriend. Why didn’t you tell me I wanted to see her. You guys have become good friends now. He told you this even that his heartbeat has increased  and he is sweating. When he gets scared he doesn’t know what is he speaking. Something dangerous is about to happen.

What happened. Love. He badmouths love. And you, you have never badmouths about love. Whatever I have seen today and after that even my heart says that whoever talks about love I shall badmouths that person. I pity him and you’ll also one’s who are pity, love can’t be done with them. I just want him to be happy. Dad will also feel good, by this he always wanted to see him, laughing with full heart.

Call him ask him whether he had dinner. And if he had already eaten. It means he doesn’t need any pity or sympathy at all. He is searching for that love on whom he can trust. l don’t love him. Shall I write and tell you. At least call him. Ask him he had food. Do not ask him clearly just because of dad.


Hania says hello, Mr. Danish how are you. I’m fine. Have you eaten your dinner you haven’t had anything in the restaurant. I felt so hungry as soon as I reached the guess house so I ate it at once. You live in a guest house. Yes, just for a few days I’ll stay here, then will shift in my house. Shall I tell you one thing. You literally notice me like Mr. Mateen. He use to even notice that, I haven’t smiled while talking. You just understand this that I notice you because of him. I know you have read his dairy already. Yes. Thank you so much.

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