Your wife was right she said where you are of or else you tell me are you of somewhere today. Mehwish says is this salman ibrahim. Yes, who are you. This is Mehwish speaking your class fellow. From where you fall over. How are you doing. I’m fine, how are you. I’m also fine. And how is he Danish. Don’t ask about him. Why he is alive right. I’m in a problem salman, can you please help me. I need a job. where are you.


No where. Alright I’m sending you my residential address via text message come to my home and see me in the evening. We’ll sit and talk. Thank you salman. Papa says Roomi what is it, you are showing so much love, today. I was missing you. Tell me the truth what’s the matter. I am telling the truth baba, I was missing you. You know what I thought about you before sending you to school. What You are complete naughty. You were just waiting when I shall send you to school and when you get the wings. Papa when I went to school today, mama was standing there.


She hugged me and started crying, she was crying a lot papa. I know. Papa I was thinking if she had hugged you and cried. Would you have brought her back home by saying its okay. Have you done the home work. Yes, I did that long ago. Alright let me go and change then will have food together. She does not have a car papa she came on a rickshaw and she went back on rickshaw as well. If felt as if she  came to ask for forgiveness. Tell the cook to serve the dinner on the table I’ll come.

Salman and Danish Talk:

Salman says Danish are you watching TV. No, I just reached home. Means haven’t you heard the news. Which news. Shewar Ahmed is in FIA’s custody his wife has snatched everything from him no comments. No comments. Alright I’m disconnecting the call. Salman says Mehwish you were right you have killed him he didn’t even got happy after hearing that the guy who destroyed him is behind the bars.


You are saying wrong, salman. He isn’t destroyed by Shewar. I have destroyed him. You won’t be able to do job at my office. I’ve din partnership with Danish, he sits in the room which is in front of my room in the same office. You provide me your address I’ll try somewhere else if it worked out I’ll call and let you know. Can I stay at your place, tonight. Yes, why not. Ayesha says no, Mehwish you can’t stay here. The pain that I’ve seen on his face it doesn’t allow me to keep you here nor my heart is ready to do this mercy I’m sorry. If salmon would have asked me before calling you here I would have completely refused to him. Whatever you did you are answerable to your God for that but I swear upon God you have insulted every girl who is in love.

Mehwish and Hania Talk:

Mehwish says today I’m here to meet you, I won’t take much of your time, promise. Thank you miss Hania. That day I wasn’t myself that’s why uttered whatever came in my mouth. I’m sorry for that. Its okay. Thank you. I came to you because I believe you can do something. What. That’s what I’m thinking from where to start the discussion. Is he getting married to you. Its just assumption not a doubt this was in my heart therefore I asked you that day I called Danish and you received the call so I thought maybe.


If you all say no I’ll understand that. No, Mehwish. I knew you know we did love marriage previously I use to think like he does but afterwards some mistakes happened from me. I couldn’t reach to his level of love he use to say. What is it if we have a small apartment. What is it that I’ve got a job so as to just fulfill the necessities only. If we don’t have a car and no bank balance I have you, Mehwish. I don’t need anything more than this. I hope you didn’t have a class right now. No, if I had a class then I would have definitely meet you after finishing the class. So I was saying that I couldn’t believe on his so much extent of love this is what I think today.


Why he wanted to stop me even after so much happened the day we got divorced. That day he also made tremendous efforts but I was already gone. I don’t wanted to stop I accept that I was wrong but you also understand that mistakes happen. I won’t accept this I don’t allow any married girl to do this mistake and never to a mother. If a mother will do such mistake then I won’t call a mistake, I will call it a SIN. Man doesn’t do such mistakes.

Woman Cries:

I know thousand of such women who cries for 4 to 6 days and then forgive those men. In fact they become as if they have never committed any mistake ever. My father use to say always ask for your right from a man but never ask for a portion from their rights. So, men have the right to do mistakes. No, I haven’t said this I’ve said for a woman it is easy to forgive. Why. Because men never give birth to a child within  themselves. Women give birth to a child through her own self identity of a generation is dependent upon woman’s mercy.


Anyways its my point of view you may disagree but what happened all of a sudden you had got married to Shewar Ahmed, right. I didn’t get married he betrayed me just at the time of marriage his wife came. And after seeing his wife he became a mouse so I was saying it happened good I got the punishment of my sin. You were right I am his malefactor. You are not his malefactor you are God’s malefactor.

Leave House:

Because he use to leave you at the house on God’s trust else you are love’s malefactor. Because love gives strength in order to trust. I’m here to ask you for help. What did you say. I said that I’m here to ask you for help. If you’ll seek help from somebody else in the fight of God then what you’ll get and if you think that you have got the punishment of your sin then go and pray. The punishment you have got the punishment should be only this much. But usually it happens that the punishment starts from here  Mehwish. If God gives infinite love, then it infinite punishment as well and this I’ve understood after seeing my father.

Danish and Salman Talk:

Danish says Salman what are you doing. I’m doing allegiance on your hand you are the new priest of Stock Exchange my guide. Look at this Salman I really don’t understand what’s going on. You don’t think that you aren’t able to understand anything you just see that something is suiting you. Who is it. Tell me who is it. Now just stop it reveal yourself at least don’t lie to your friend. There is someone  at your back no woman behind the success this cannot happen.


There is nobody promise and if I am getting successful then there I no woman behind my success. No woman can be there at all. Then, Danish. Then my son is behind my success he is my strength. And Mehwish take revenge from her. How. Get in love with another girl and get married to her. Why are you laughing now. I’m laughing at your talk. You haven’t forgotten her till now. I forgot her daily then only I could sleep. Haven’t you seen I come to office on time I am perfectly fresh.


Alright tell me one thing if she comes back ask for forgiveness and she beseeches you to forgive her. If she makes you recall your promises of previous love then  what you’ll do. Are you asking me a riddle. Yes. Riddle of love. What happened brother now why are you laughing now. Shall I tell you by experience when love becomes riddle then it doesn’t stays love. And that you just said that she’ll make me recall that promises of previous love by holding my feet. I laughed more on that you scoundrel the love to which we have to call previous love. It wasn’t the love even previously. Mehwish is asking for forgiveness from you she is regretting so much.


I swear her condition is very bad neither she have a job nor a place to live in destroyed helpless without any support. Where you met her. She came to my house she wanted to stay for a night but Ayesha refused her. Can you forgive her. Yes why not ask her to apologize at least. What are you doing. I’m calling her. No, just stop now. So tell me if I forgave her so will her problems get solved. Yes. Then don’t make me talk to her tell her on the phone that I have forgiven her I sear by God I forgave her.

Hania and Tania Talk:

Hania says Tania today Mehwish came to meet me. Why she came to meet you. She thought maybe something is between me and Danish and maybe I’ll get married to him. She can gave a doubt though. That day she had called Danish so I had picked up the phone but we only know that why I responded his phone. Then what you said. I said no its nothing like that. Even if this is the matter then what problem does she have here there is no control on the man who is near to us.


However she is not with him anymore what predictions dies she have for him now. Actually she is disturbed Shewar has left her understand that wretch girl came from there after being insulted. He betrayed her. Then that wretch girl must be so upset, right. Such bad happened with wretched girl. Wretched girl got heart broken. Stop it Tania we shouldn’t make the fun of someone.

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