Danish and Shewar Talk:

Danish says you haven’t got married as of yet. When have I said this. I did get married. Then break up, Shewar. I am sorry but, what thing you call break up. I think, I’ve asked a wrong question. No, you didn’t wrong question, you asked a right question but you don’t know that meaning of breakup. Breakup does not mean by the separation of relation, by its the separation of heart.


People walk together, by they at not together indeed. Mehwish says shall we talk about something else. I am such a fool, I was going to ruin a beautiful night by my sorrows.But you know I believe, that if someone left you after a few steps, then we should do thanks to the person.It saves us from a long journey. Whenever i talk with my wife I say her thank you. I like to keep dogs, but I do not like their barking. You both do love marriage, right.

Danish and Mehwish Talk:

Danish says Mehwish don’t know, earlier when somebody use to stare at you then you come and say into my ear, how he is looking at me. Today, he was looking at you with full gaze but you haven’t felt that he is looking at you with a dirty look. You at having a doubts on his intention. I am not talking about intention, I saw his gaze.


Means, you are doing doubt on me. I cannot doubt on you by I felt strange that today you couldn’t judge his gaze.In the beginning I also felt that, also had a doubt. Later, I realized that he cannot stop himself to praise anybody, even though she is anyone’s wife. Maybe, I also felt bad for the same.

Shewar and Mehwish Talk:

Shewar says Mehwish will you do job.Yes, with me in my office. I will give you one lac salary. How much salary does Mr. Danish take. Just a few, Mr. Shewar. Then says yes, you will get job and I will get cure. Which cure.I told you I have a greed to see your face. Danish will not agree. It means he doesn’t listen to you. No, he does by if I’ll ask him to let me do the job at you office, then he won’t eve agree. He has doubt on you.


He doubts on you. You also look at me in such a way, it seems clearly that you are looking at me. You know I can’t help it, this is my problem. When I wake up, my eyes start to search for you. I know, its not good for us, he will mind it but I am scared that you may not feel bad. I am sorry on that day I called you for dinner and offering the job, it’s all an excuse to see you and to meet you.


You also said that I will not listen such words then you know the whole night I was blaming myself that why did I say this.Why did I say such thing, which may be disliked by you. But what shall I do, Mehwish. When I will meet you and I will see you, then I won’t be able to stop myself. Its my problem, Mehwish that I cannot hide my heart’s feeling because I am not an actor. Okay I will do something, I will not meet you, neither I will call you nor I will come at your door to see you. I will convince myself, I’ll do everything that I do not have any rights on you, bye.

Mehwish and Danish Talk:

Mehwish says Danish I thought to do a job. Shall I, Danish. Have I ever stopped you. In the beginning you never use to agree. Earlier, I use to think for you as a young guy that I’ll do this go you, I’ll do that for you. But could not do anything. Do you have any offer. How can I get any offer at home, I will make my CV and will go to some places, let see what response I will get.


You may not get a good salary due to no experience, but you should try. I know Mehwish. You want to help me and want to send Roomi to a good school. You will get the job of P.R.O, for that a good face I required more than experience. Don’t you CV alone, send along with your picture, then you will get offer in no time. Shall I talk to Anooshay. Mr. Shewar has also a big business. I will ask Anooshay to talk to him for a job.


What is the need to talk with Anooshay, you can also talk for that. Me, how can I do.He is our friend, no need of CV and photo, you will get a good salary there. Then you talk to him. No, if I will talk, it will seems as brokerage. See, what I did say mistakenly I mean if I will talk, it will not seem good. That is still pinching me, why did you say this. I did not say intentionally, Mehwish.


You don’t like me doing the job, say it. This is the matter, right. No, I am not feeling bad, but also not feeling good and where Roomi with go. Roomi will go to school. Schools finishes at 1:30 pm, after that. After that he will stay with maid.By from where we will get maid. She will come, Danish. But if you admit him in a school of less fees then I can manage. If this has to be done, I might have done that last year, you know school is very important.


You haven’t doing job yet but you’ve started to speak fluent English, are you doing practice. If you will do job somewhere else then I do not have any problem. If you will do a job there, then I will have a problem. There means, Danish. I am talking about Mr. Shewar maybe he is a good man but when he looks at you, it seems that he is looking.

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