Shewar and Mehwish Talk:

Shewar says Mehwish say or I cut the phone, you may think. No don’t cut the phone. Tell me, how much trust do you have on me. Now you do not have to do such questions. Then why do you feel your hopes loosing. This bend of your marriage which you have in your neck, put out and throw it on his face. What do you mean. Ask for divorce. Divorce, Shewar. Any problem. He will not divorce me Shewar. Leave this on me. What about Roomi. What happened, a kid wants only the things which he likes, then he will get everything of his choice and till when he will  grown up, he may understand the meaning of divorce. Time has changed now, kids are more concern about that what they are getting from parents, not with the bounding of parents.


He is coming to return you the amount of 5 lacs. He may do some misbehave. Let him come, if he will do misbehave, then the security will throw him out of the office. May I talk with him. What you will talk. I will say him that make a deal with me take money and leave you. Money for what. You won’t understand. Money can vanish the sorrows. He must has the sorrow of leaving  you, then we will buy that. Fight will  start Shewar, the he will not think that your security guards will throw him out of the office.

Fight will start Shewar, the he will not think that your security guards will throw him out of the office. You only tell me that if he will ask you that do you want divorce, then you have to say yes, I want divorce. I said tho yesterday night but he did not agree, he tried to convince me like kids. Then cut the phone and let him come to me, let’s check his worth.


Boss some Mr Danish is here. Let him be seated and give him some tea send him when I will ask. Mr. Danish, kindly sit here, sir is bit busy. Mehwish he is here. Is he sitting in front of you. No, I made him to be seated  at reception for sometime, he will understand  his worth while waiting. Keep all your stuff in a bag. Why, Shewar. Today he will divorce you an I will take you to my home myself.

You deserve that home. Don’t think about Roomi, he will not face any problem, I hope you trust me. Yes I do trust. Leave jewelry and money there, it will be useful for him. I will leave that stuff, but I do not believe that he will divorce me so easily. But my heart does believe. I know that what I have to say, he will get angry after hearing that. By listening what. Conversation or what else. These are conversations only that catch the hearts and in the same way the conversation my cause to finish the life. Put down the phone, let me call him. Send Mr. Danish inside.

Shewar and Mehwish Talk:

Shewar says Mr. Danish what a pleasant surprise sorry I was busy in an important meeting. Tell me, what you will have, either tea or coffee. Nothing, I will not drink anything at your place. Why are you here. There are some favors which you have done on Mehwish, I came to return that whatever possible. For example, Danish. For example these 5 lac, this necklace which gave her but it caught my neck. I came to pull out that. Shewar says I believe you are angry on her visit to Islamabad without your permission.

I am angry on so many reasons. I am not in the  position to become angry about her visit to Islamabad. Actually, we did love marriage, we have a son, Shewar. We have some dreams. I am afraid, that those dreams will be ruined. That’s why take back these things and give me a receipt. I will not look back at you while leaving. But she will see. she will search for me. When one has been searching for someone, they are unable to see anyone on their way in between.


The old love marriage, cute Roomi and the dreams which can never be fulfilled. Now you are crossing the limits Mr. Shewar what I want is all to be ended with thank you, its okay and bye. I want the same, you will divorce  Mehwish, I will say thank you, you may say its okay then will say bye bye and will go. That’s the spirit, otherwise she was afraid that you may become angry after hearing any such thing. Who. Mehwish, who else. Receive all this and give me receipt, I will be needing that. My conversation is still in between.

I knew that you will come to return me the money and necklace. But I did not know that you will still keep Mehwish with you. Also give her to me. There is no use to keep that wife with you, who is actually not yours. Don’t feel pain for her. I have a compliment for you. You are the most cheapest person in this world. Who is proud and impressed with money. And you, Mr. Danish. A person who is just with a woman due to marriage only, else she does not wish to live with you.

She did a mistake, she  went to Islamabad with you without permission, she is so embarrassed over that. Does she feels embarrassed like this. When you will see her getup, you will come to know. She did a mistake. If a girl finds the buyer like you, she becomes happy to know her price and does mistake and it is realized later that once a girl is sold she becomes cheap in price. I can offer you 50 million. For what. To give divorce to Mehwish. Don’t feel restless you must be thinking to throw the glass of water at my face or to finish your thrust with my blood.

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