Roomi says just like that he will scold you. You just see, he won’t scold me let me speak to him. You are laughing again. Teacher, I am going to play. Sir call stock exchange. Mr. Shewar says what happened. Sir the share has dropped by twenty twenty five rupees. Means, has the market crashed. No sir, market is raising by 14  points. Mehwish says Shewar I’m going. Where are you going. To meet Danish. Then go why are you calling me. What is this happened and what about strike.

Sir, the strike is going on since 2 days. Means, the work has stopped. Obviously sir, since no one working so how will the work will be continued. Their salary was revised I had to order to raise the salaries. No sir. you had ordered strictly that I won’t even raise one paisa. Man from where have you studied. Now, I’ve said to raise and call before raising that it is raised. Guard says Madam Mehwish if you want to meet Mr. Danish. So, he is not here anymore. Not here means. He has gone after selling the flat.

Where has he gone. He didn’t tell no even to me. No one knows. No, nobody knows here. Shewar says  has it stopped. Mehwish says who got stopped. I’m talking about the strike. Are you alright. Who is this speaking. I’m speaking who are you speaking. This is Mehwish Speaking Shewar. Why didn’t you tell. Say, what is it. Danish has gone from here, after selling the flat. He ran away being scared.

Mehwish and Shewar Talk:

Mehwish says Shewar what happened. You know for the first time, I’ve experienced the loss in the business those scoundrel, union people won from me. I experienced a loss of 13 crores, 20 lacs and this will be done every year. Once the salary is raised then it doesn’t gets lesson. You have raised the salaries only. So, this is not the loss in business, Shewar.

Technically it is a loss sweetheart the more the salary is raised the less than profit is. And then stay fearing from their strike. Just sit and  think that when will be there next strike. Alright just relax. You also worried. He ran away after getting scared  you didn’t meet him nor had a word with him. How will you meet your son, now. I can understand that pain of a mother. I know, what you are suffering from. You don’t need to get worried about me.

I’ve left this matter on my God. No, don’t leave it on God. God doesn’t gets happy with the women who demands divorce. So, whatever you’ll do just stay away from God. I’m planning to go for a trip. Let’s go to London for 5 to 6 days and let’s forget what has happened with us. Let’s get married tomorrow or day after then we’ll go to London. 

Danish and Salman Talk:

Danish says hello, salman Ibrahim. Yes, speaking and you. I’m Danish speaking. Man how do you remember me today. I’ve got a work from you. First of all tell me how are you, how is Mehwish and I’ve heard you have a son how old he is. 6 years old. Must be cute and your beautiful and pretty. We’ll meet then we’ll talk. Tell me, you work in stock exchange, right. You are taking me very light I’m its member. I’ve bought membership with associated of Ayesha.

You and Ayesha are together but I’ve heard you got married. I’ve got married though but along with that the love is also going on. I don’t know to what you guys call marriage and to what you call love. Listen at least I’ve got married to Ayesha. Then say this. Now, am I allowed to love. Very openly. Alright tell me what is the work. Let me come to you tomorrow. We’ll sit and talk there. Alright then come tomorrow at 10 in the morning.

Hania and Roomi Talk:

Teacher Hania says Roomi what is it, say it. Did you talk to papa. Talk about what. You were saying that I’ll talk to papa to get married. That I’ll do but first of all show me the girl. Teacher trust me she is super cute. You are kid you don’t know yet face is not everything come on its time for Mrs, Zara’s class.

Salman and Danish Talk:

Salman says Danish of you want to see someone running after the money. So, come to stock exchange. I’ve also seen this outside stock exchange people run after money. Are you making money. I’ve left the job. Why. I’m here to make money. Are you fine, brother. Yes, I’m absolutely fine. There is something that can be seen more on your face then before. What is it tell me. Its the dust of previous journey I’ll just wash my face now, to remove it. Have you come on the bike.

How is Mehwish and Roomi are they fine and enjoying. I’ve never asked Roomi but Mehwish is enjoying. Anyways eat something. You have just taken a sip of tea. I’ll drink the whole tea. Tell me how are you. I’ve to do an investment. How much is the amount. 78 lacs. So, it means my friend has made the money. I’ve sold my flat my father had bought it. Come, let me introduce you to my portfolio. How will tell you which shares you should buy. Only of Shewar Chemicals. Means you do all investment on Shewar Chemicals only.

Yes, Has somebody said to you. I’m saying. In the last 6 days the share has come to Rs. 10, 12 from Rs. 60 and in the future it is predicted that it will drop in the face value as well. It will not drop from the face value. How do you know. Gut feeling. Really now you’ll tell us this. There won’t be a huge loss as well. I told you, I won’t face any loss. Mustafa tell me how much is Shewar Chemicals. Rs. 11.20. Tell me to buy, whatever comes in 78 lacs.

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