Today is her wedding. We shall meet on Sunday. Then today must be a good day all rituals are completed of being apart. Hello Hania speaking. Danish says yes Hania go ahead. Do you have any concern for Roomi. What happened. Have you ever felt that I am not concerned for him. Yes, where are you. I am somewhere outside. And where is he. He is at home.

so this is the way you are taking care of him. 6 years old kid is waiting for you alone at home, and you think that you are taking care of him. I’m just reaching home in next 10 minutes. This is now that you are reaching. What you’ll do tomorrow. What will happen day after tomorrow. Obviously you do business so you’ll stay outside the house.

Hania Talk:

You’ll keep on traveling abroad as well. Sometimes you’ll feel like having a get together with your friends then find a permanent solution for this. How. When the kid at home then who is with him his mother. Its alright that his mother has gone and she won’t be coming back. So, has the world finished, no man the world is on its place same to same. You just get married as soon as possible.

You also don’t have any danger as well as he has already seen a girl for you. He is already friends with her therefore there is no matter of any step mother. Do you know that girl. No, but he knows trust me his choice is not bad he is very naughty. Means you don’t know who the girl is. He has just told me once or twice I asked him to show me but he said no its confidential.

I’ve seen the girl, I’ve also met her. How you found her. She is very cute. Then do one thing make her meet me I’ll talk to her. When you’ll hear her name you won’t be able to talk. You are taking me light. So shall I tell you her name. Yes please. He is talking about you.


Shewar says who are you, what are you doing in my house. Maybe you people don’t know me. Mr. Shewar, I’ve got the warrant for taking you into custody. What warrant, what have I done. Fraud and forgery, illegal transfer of funds and transfer of US dollar 1 million by means of  illegal method. Lie baseless.

Just prove this in the court. Shall we go. Where. Let’s go to lock up your pre-wedding party arrangement is done in the lock up else all these men will make you sit in the car forcefully. Who is the complainant. Your wife Maham Syed.

Maham Come:

Maham says have a good day dear husband enjoy the party. I want to talk to my lawyer. I will make you talk to him as soon as we reach there. What are you looking at. Stop them, they are insulting me. Your insult will start now. You just see what I’ll do with you in the court now get lost. Maham says Mahwish where are you of or else ask yourself. Are you of somewhere today. You know why I haven’t sent you today along with your boyfriend because he has been caught today.

Tomorrow he will be presented to the court then his trial will start but it will take many months for him to get punished and your trial is done. The punishment is already announced. Whatever stuff you had brought with you pick it and go from here. There is a very long prison outside waiting for you. But where will I go and how will I go I don’t even have any money.

Deewan give her some money. Give her far more than her expectations when I come again upstairs so, I won’t see your face again. Because you are so beautiful that I envy looking at you and you are so ugly that I feel to spit on your face.

Driver Talk:

Driver says madam Mehwish please get off here I was ordered to drop you here. No, please not here just drop me in the same building where my house use to be. Alright I’ll take you there but you know that they have gone from there. But still drop me there. Alright madam I’ll take you there.

Deewan and Maham Talk:

Deewan say I’ve observed that man very closely madam Maham. When he use to come  here his face would get drained from all colors. He use to roam around aimlessly he laughs at those matters on which a person can cry on. It was clearly evident on his face that his wife is betraying him and he wanted to stop her in that circumstances as well for his child or maybe for his love. He use to beat her.

No, it didn’t seem that he even uses loud voice with her even if somebody says that I’ll not accept that. So merciful despite being a man. You are mistaken, Deewan. If a girl gets so much love so she can live despite all the difficulties well that scoundrel surely use to beat her. Then must have made her worthless  that’s why this happens that the girl ask about her worth from someone else.

How he keeps her. Very happy. Then Deewan everything was alright then why you use to call me. My heart use to say all this is temporary she has came here because she thinks more than her husband’s salary. And he has brought her here because he has got so much money give to her. Poor girl.

She is not a poor girl madam Maham, a girl who destroyed own house to get associated in another house is not a poor girl. So, why I felt pity on her while I was asking her to leave.  When you looked at her she fell to the ground on her face.

That’s why pity her but when I saw her then she use to fly in the sky and she never use to look upon the people who lives on the ground. Where is she of, means where she’ll go at this hour of the night.

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