Mehwish and Danish Talk:

Mehwish says Danish so, just get convinced that he will stay with me on Saturday and Sunday. Never, Mehwish. You’ll regret remember all you salary will be wasted in Lawyer’s fee. Please Mehwish he not mentally stable. He’ll be angry when he’ll see you with Shewar. A month ago his Progress report was so bad that I thought he won’t be able to stay in the school. He has got alright,, after so much difficulty. He has started being playful and jolly. You can go and meet him but don’t be stubborn on taking him along with you. If this is your answer then remember we will meet in the court, after some days. There you will face disgrace, Danish. You please get out.

Lawyer and Danish Talk:

Lawyer says Mr. Danish Shewar Ahmed means, the owner of Shewar chemicals. So now, she is getting married to him. What do you do Mr. Danish. I’m a government office 17th grade. How much do you earn. Almost 65000. What is your son’s age. 6 years. Your problem is that you want, your son not to stay with her in her house. He won’t live there, Mr. lawyer. You talk about yourself. I also don’t want the matter is that my son is very intelligent and sensitive. He will be upset when he’ll see his mother with someone else and such things affect his studies. Then try to get some mutual solution. No, she is being stubborn that on Saturday and Sunday he’ll stay in her house.


Then let him stay. Let me tell you from my experience this will not be continued after 2 to 3 Saturdays and Sundays. He will never tolerate, that this lover’s son will sleep with his mother on Saturday and Sunday night. Why are you taking about such things. I won’t let this happen. I will compete with him in the court. Mr. Danish if you’ll compete with him you will lose. He will do very strong lawyers and he will put so disgusting allegations on you, that you will be ashamed of yourself. Your son is also sensitive he won’t be able to listen to these things and if you don’t earn anything beyond your salary. Then all your salary will be wasted on lawyer’s fee and court’s hearings. Don’t look at the court. Just look at your competitor. Let me tell you the truth you will be disgraced.

Shewar and Mehwish Talk:

Shewar says Mehwish what happened, you ate not doing breakfast. Same Saturday and Sunday issue. Please get your mood settled. Shall I look at the business or I shall run around for these court matters in order to make that person realize. You have threatened him that’s enough and I had also made you understand at night. He will always be attached to you if he will stay on Saturday and Sunday. What will I do. What do I have, expect for Saturday and Sunday and have you seen at the company’s condition. I just went 2.5 months so I got to know today, that company’s share has dropped by Rs. 2.25 means, I have dropped in the eyes of the stock dealer.


Let’s make up your mood you can get him here when he’ll grow up. I will give him the whole bedroom. But he will irritate now. He will be saying mama, mama and I will be staring his face while sitting. It means I will just be taking care without any response. This is my desire, Shewar. He said to me get out after listening to my threat. He has gone to boarding its good you can go to meet him. Make him sit in the car, roam around do shopping that’s enough. If you will stay as a lover I will feel good. If you’ll become a mother. So, I’ll feel that in a night only you have become of 50 years.

Mehwish and Hania Talk:

Mehwish says miss Hania we have met before. No, at first we had a word on a phone. You are here to meet Roomi. No, I’ve come here to take him along with me at 1:30 school will get off, then I’ll take him along with me. I will bring him back before the evening. Have you brought any permission latter from his father. I’m his mother. Of course, you must be his mother but how will I get to know this. I’m seeing you for the first time. Call Roomi, he will tell you. If Roomi will say that are his mother then you will be able to meet him for sure but I can’t let him go with you. When he’ll say that I’m his mother then why he can’t go with me.


If you don’t have permission letter with you, then I can’t send Roomi with you. I’m sorry these are the rules we have to follow them. I’m sorry. Call his father ask him. Look, we can’t depend upon phone calls. You understand that someone can say anything on the phone. Furthermore his phone was left with Ms. Hania some days ago. I need a letter, I need a permission letter or an order from the court. Alright call Roomi today I will only meet him. Of course, that’s not a problem. Let me go and call him. You can wait in the next room, there you can meet him.

Hania and Roomi Talk:

Hania says so, why shall I get married to such a boy, who is always upset. Be a man. I am a man. Then come your mama is here to meet you. No, I won’t meet her. You shouldn’t say no for your mama. You have to meet her. I won’t meet her ever. She will cry a lot, after listening this and she’ll think that your father has asked you not to meet her. No, my papa has never said to me not to meet her. But still, She’ll think this. Why she will think. When he hasn’t forbidden me, then why she’ll think like this. Don’t you miss your mother. Yes, I do miss her.

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