Shewar and Danish Talk:

Shewar says Danish by the way that’s not wise. Why are you destroying yourself for a girl, who is not ready to be faithful with you. She has forgotten that you both did a love marriage, or you both have a kid,  and some dreams which you have stored.

You might have stored, bit to fulfill those dreams she has jumped from your plane. Sometime before I showed you something. Now listen to this, our conversation on the phone. At what time shall I come. After 10 pm as Roomi sleeps at 10 pm. Hope I can anything for you.

You are so intelligent Mr. Shewar but sometimes you talk so weird tell me what else I can do for you. You taunt at every sentence. Before the call ends I want you to hear something if the wife wish to leave you, you have to let her go, because she has already gone. I will come after calling or you may call me when Roomi is asleep.

Danish and Mehwish Talk

Danish says Mehwish I came after listening to your call, the one in which you had talked to Shewar before I reach there, he had recorded that. I also saw your selfies with Shewar in the hotel of Islamabad. While seeing them, I did not see that you are not wearing black dress. I just saw that your smile is so true, you have bloomed and I wanted the same.

That when you will laugh it seems that there is no sorrow in this world. When you will bloom, then I will say flowers bloom like this. But he defeated me. He gave you everything that I could only think for, but could not give you. That’s why I surrendered myself before him and said that you have won, I have been defeated.

I went there to save my love, but hardly saved my respect, and don’t know either it will be saved or not. From tomorrow people will ask questions and I will start telling lies. I am worried about Roomi, at present he will sleep but when he will wake up tomorrow, he will ask where is mama. I am unable to understand that what will I tell him.

Tell him, I went abroad and will stay there for few days. I am sorry Danish, I have to go. I just thought, don’t go at night I am not stopping you, I am just requesting go in the morning, Roomi will go to his school, I will go to office and you will go to your home night is so tough, I feel it will not pass.

Night will also come tomorrow. But before that a day will come. I would have some courage till day ends, by telling many lies to Roomi that I will have the ability to handle night. Seriously it will give me a lot of help. After some days, tell the truth to Roomi if he may see me somewhere, he will be restless.

Shewar Talk:

Danish says Mr. Shewar I felt, Mehwish should go in the morning, when Roomi will leave for school and I will leave for office. Sometimes he wakes up in the night, and search for his mama buy it does not happen daily. But I am scared that if he may awake today the it will be so difficult for me.

Ask Mehwish, what she says. She said that I have to ask you. Be a man, why do you talk like a kid. I know please give this favor, I will pray with all my heart. Okay fine, I will come in the morning at 9 am. Thank you so much. He has agreed. Have you done some deal with him.


Mehwish says Danish did you take money  to divorce me. Not at all, why you are saying this. I felt it. The way you are requesting him, saying thanks. I did not take any money against you. He said something to me, if a wife wishes to leave you, you have to let her go, because she is already gone. Although he was saying that take 50 million.

I felt sorry, that you became sale able just after leaving home. Shut up, do you know how much 50 million is. I know, Mehwish. I may have bought so many things. But I could never get that one moment, when I used to come home early and you use to open door. I saw only you, I never looked upon my needs in front of you. I can understand you keep staying in a well, while croaking like a frog. Shall I bring something to eat.

Mehwish and Shewar Talk:

Mehwish says Shewar he has gone to the market saying that he is bringing something to eat. For you, Mehwish. I am not hungry. Buddy he is a character, I have not seen a man like him. Which type, Shewar. When he came to office seems like he will kill me, he had so much anger in his eyes but after listening the phone’s recording, he became relaxed and cool.

After the end of recording he saw, smiled and said she has such a beautiful voice. She use to study with me in the university. Do you know, I didn’t see her face first, I was shocked by her voice, then I saw and found her on the last bench she also saw me. And after seeing me she got shrink, as if my eyes might have pinched her.

When she talks with Roomi at home, I sneak and listen to her. All day long I use to call her from office and when she says hello for a minute I feel shivering. But now her hello has no charisma, at least not for me. What do you think, girls do cheat. Yes they do, there are thousand of examples.

I always thought that only men are cheaters. But I have noticed one thing when a girl cheats, she cheats completely. You did not understand. Means, she forgets completely sometimes I feel she might memorize my name after waking up in the morning. 

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