Mehwish and Danish Talk:

Mehwish says Danish may I tell you one thing, where ever I may go, people will see me like that and will talk about me and will praise me as they will get chance, but they will give a less salary. And there I will get more salary. I know you are possessive about me. You do not like when someone looks at me or talk about me. But people look at me and tried to talk to me, even when I am with you. What do you mean. It will be bad when I will see someone or talk with someone.

If you will get afraid from people, they won’t change their intentions and habits. So stop thinking about them, think about me and look at me. Then why you didn’t tell me that came to our home. Why you lied that guest of 408 came to our home by mistake. Because he was came uninvited, I was also shocked after seeing him. Do you remember I cut the phone while talking to you ask me, why I did that. Why did you cut the phone.

So that you may not come to know and you will not get pissed and in anger you will not think wrong. Then why he did come and why he came at that time when I was not at home. Because I was not attending his phone. He does call you too. He does not call but he did call, when I came to know that he is Shewar, I cut the call. From where he got your number. He came to tell the same, he got the number from Anooahay, because he wants to help you.


He wants me to do job in his office and should help you, he offered salary as well, he said I will give you one lac per month. He’ll pay on lac in the starting only. He said this. Then what answer you gave him. I said talk to Danish. He did not talk with me, he has my number. He said if you will be agreed then I will talk to Danish, otherwise he will think I am doing some favor. So clever. He is not clever, he is just a friend. Even though if you think that he is not a good man and so clever, then I will not do job over there.

Don’t talk about the job with him, please I saw his gaze Mehwish and before that I saw the world. A sight of a man is his first introduction, we can see his character and his intentions in it. You problem is a good school for Roomi, right. Then for that we don’t need 1 lac per month, you may do a job. But do a job at such place, where you will get salary as per what you deserve. You have a problem that why am I getting one lac as salary, right. Are you crazy. Would I be having a problem with this.

I am feeling guilty that I could not give you all happiness. Still, I didn’t look that one million which I didn’t deserve. I am trying to tell you the same. The money which you deserve is your salary, and which you don’t deserve is your price. Tell him that your gaze have a bad intention Shewar, we can’t be friends. Go, why are you looking at me like this. I have decided, that I will not do a job and we will send Roomi to any less expensive school. Still you are not happy. You are also not happy. You had to say this calmly, but you are saying it angrily. The matter is same, Mehwish, its just that the meaning has been changed.

Danish and Shewar Talk:

Shewar says Danish why Mehwish didn’t come. I praised her a lot but it did not make any difference to her. I was thinking that now she will say to you that let’s go to Mr. Shewar’s place. Someone has said if you want to win a woman’s heart, then praise her. In fact, say it straight way that no one can be as beautiful, as you are. I thought she will be happy after bearing this and then I shouldn’t have invite you people to come here. That’s right. What is right, Mr. Danish. That day Roomi came, he was watching movie in the theater and doing fun in the lawn. We had all dinner together, so I thought that I am not alone. Please remember, there was a gala in this home.

I was happy like as if you people never go from here, as we four are a family, we are associated with each other and then you people left. I swear after your left , this home was biting me and call sister-in-law and tell her that today will have lunch with me and I will not accept refusal, please.

Danish and Mehwish Talk:

Danish says Mehwish do you know I am feeling so hurt I am execrating myself. What happened. You did not ask, what happened there. I went there in so much anger and came back calmly. What happened there. Before I would have said something, don’t know what not he already said. His conversation was full of sorrow and honesty after listening to it, I became restless, Mehwish.

I forget that, I came for some work. I visited intentionally that if he may say anything wrong, then I will break his mouth but I was shocked. He defeated me without fighting. Believe me, when I was leaving that place my condition was like that I am defeated soldier. My all guesses was wrong, I was wrong his intention  is not bad nor his gaze is bad.

Now you should sleep, you have to go to office early I the morning. Listen, they both are going to get divorce. Before marriage Shewar use to work in her company, he was her employee and even after marriage she considers him as her employee.

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