Danish says so she may not utter someone else’s name you shall smile, as I am talking about your name. Then what you have thought. I am thinking now, let me first understand. Tell me, when she went Islamabad, did she agree at once without any hesitation. Yes, she was hesitating a little bit but you know there is no hesitation in love. When she might inside the hotel room,  she might be afraid.

Leave this, what are you talking about. No, just to make my heart stronger. Yes, she was not afraid but she was wondering. She might be looking the room, as she has never seen the room of 5 star hotel. I could never showed her. My father was after my life, if I ever think before taking any bribe, he use to stop me and gets very angry.

Just 10 to 15 days ago, I thought and brought 10 lacks home, but father made a huge scene of it. So had to return that. But what I know that your father passed away almost 5 years ago. Yes its about 4.5 years. Whenever I think to do anything wrong, I see him in my dreams and he slaps on my face. You are not well. No, I  perfectly fine but I am asking for my knowledge. Actually I just heard about this, have not seen like this.

She has decided then you may take her, I will call you once I reach home. I will tell you at what time to come. Mehwish says I thought there is some deal done between you two. He has taken money to give divorce. I had given him an offer. 50 million. Yes, I guess I have said 50 million. I am glad that he did not pass away after listening about such a huge amount.

He did not know how expensive you are for me. He think that to whom we love are priceless and I say, only those people are worthy. The higher is the amount, the higher is the intensity of love and I felt you must have got sympathy for him. I have got sympathy. That much sympathy I have got that I accepted his wish and let you stay with him tonight again. He is here. See you.

Mehwish and Danish Talk:

Mehwish says Danish why have you bought so much, who will eat. I’m always bring like this, for the last 7 years. For this day I bring usually. Tho day means. Today is our last wedding anniversary. It is said if the love is not there let the delusion stay. One more request. You will keep smiling while cutting the cake. Do inform before leaving, where do keep various things.

Where you hang clothes after washing. Where do you keep them after they get dry. Don’t you know, Danish. I know but I do not remember. You know that the needle and thread even I keep that somewhere I forget. I just remember kitchen things only. Because I keep going inside frequently. I do not remember anything else. I think you hang the clothes in the balcony after washing them and those Roomi’s clothes.

They are in his room, inside the cabinet. And what about the spare key of the house. I will give that, before leaving. There is no special need for that. But you know that I am a forgetful person. If I forget one anywhere, the second one will be helpful. Roomi now drink milk in the glass.

You do not remember that even. Shall I tell you the truth. I never use to remember anything, but you only and use to think and the rest of the things, you use to remember. I feeling very hungry why don’t you eat. It is Mr. Mateen. He has also started loving me.

Mr. Mateen Talk:

Mr. Mateen says happy wedding anniversary. Thank you, how did you get to know. Last year you were telling somebody, I got shocked when I heard. That is why I did friendship with you. It use to be my wedding anniversary also, on this day.

The wounds that you got, have they healed now. They are better now. So you are not coming tomorrow. I will come Mr. Mateen. But I will come a bit late almost by 10 am. It will be an honor if you will come take care of your self.

Mehwish and Shewar Talk:

Mehwiah says Shewar today was our wedding  anniversary he was celebrating that. It means you both had also cut the cake. Of course, he brought the cake. I had not even remembered be brought the cake and requested me to cut it. He guy has gone mad. Many times, I feel the same. So how will you live now with this mad person. Still 8.5 hours are left.

You come here, please. Ask him, will he let me come. Please come, I am afraid of him. I told you, to ask him. Danish says Mehwish he still must have not slept. When one’s girlfriend is sitting with someone else, this happens. Just think what was my condition that night. When he took you along to Islamabad. It was my wife.

Actually he wants to come. He must be anxious. But what he will do after coming here. He will stay as a bone of contention between us. Its alright then ask him to come. But ask him not to ring the doorbell. Why don’t you speak with him right here now, what’s the shame. Shewar says Mehwish has he refused. No, you can come now.

Okay, I am coming just 20 minutes. Danish says try to remember. Have I ever withheld anything requested by you. So how can I refuse today. Mehwish says Danish what are you doing. I am cleaning. Although the house is small but at least we do have an image. Actually, I am poor but not dirty. Give it to me, I will do it. Does anyone work at the time of the final goodbye. 

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